8 Steps to Building a Successful Brand

Understand your brand

Before you fly your flag high, it is important to know how to get there. The first and most essential component before your start anything is to understand your brand. This includes knowing your brand’s background well enough. Questions you should ask yourself include:

  • What is my brand’s standing in the market?
  • What is my total manpower and what are the different departments?
  • Are we doing a B to C (Biz to Consumers) or B to B (Biz to Biz) operation?

Identify your goals

The next step is to identify your business goals. Where do you see your brand headed in the next one or two years, five years or even ten years down the road? Maybe you are a new startup in a retail business and you have plans to open new stores and branches. Or maybe you have a local business and are thinking of venturing overseas. Don’t be afraid to set goals. Write them down.

Identify Unique Selling Proposition

Scrutinize your business and ask yourself what is it that sets yourself apart from your competitors in the market. Could it be that you offer an all-rounded service support? Could it be that you have an eco-friendly edge to your products? Make sure it is a distinct selling point, and take note of the benefits it may provide to your potential clients.

Identify Target Audience

Before you can map out a concrete marketing plan for your brand, you need to identify who your target audience is. It is only through this step can you tailor the appropriate steps and marketing channels to reach your target crowd.

Strategise your business

After all the above is done, it is wise to strategise your business accordingly. You need to sit down for a good brainstorming session with your co-workers and partners. This can include marketing and advertising plans, budget allocation, and timeline needed to achieve your goals.

Establish Brand Identity

Brand identity is definitely your business identity, which encompasses everything from your brand logo to your brand philosophy, brand materials (e.g. corporate stationery, presentation slides) and brand elements that go with all these. Other components to consider include a good corporate tagline. These help create impression and brand recall, so make sure you make a good one!

Shoutout your brand!

Once all these are done, you are ready to announce your brand to the whole world. By now, you should have all the marketing tools at your disposal. Whether you are using traditional, new media or social media to announce your brand’s glorious presence, be sure the appropriate mediums are chosen for maximal effectiveness.

Brand success achieved!

With all things in proper place, you are ready to celebrate! What follows are proper brand management for better client retention and acquisition. That is, however, another topic altogether, and we’ll visit it another time.


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