Case Studies

ELF, a leading motor lubricant brand, is ready to set its engines roaring with a revamped series of brochures, posters, and cartons.

Adwright is given the key to ignite the new designs!

Category: Branding

What’s better news for fitness buffs and sports junkies than to have exciting programs to keep their adrenaline rushing!

We design Let’s Get Physical’s website to keep up with the pace!

Category: Branding, Digital

An institution that furthers education should always come across as professional, serious, yet approachable.

We take a look at British Council and revamped the site to be an eye-pleaser.

Category: Digital

The institution responsible for moulding the future of the society’s "pillars" needs a better organized website to facilitate its staff.

We take the education institution one step further by making information accessible.

Category: Digital