Case Studies

SACAC deals a lot with membership activities, especially since it is in charge of a wide variety of sports programs.

We set out to create a multi-functional website that solves enquiries and enrolment issues.

Category: Digital

With the advent of technology and the change in reading habits, magazines like I-S rides on the bandwagon with a new and improved website.

Adwright participated in the design of this e-magazine. Be wowed by the ease of browsing and sharing of content with the interactive platform.

Category: Digital

Adwright’s very own "Little Nonya" client has more than being little. With its rich family heritage and traditional recipes, these Nonya delights will tempt both your tastebuds and your eyes with its revamped new brand image!

Category: Branding

A renowned club meant for 'living the American life' in Singapore needs a good digital platform to keep its members updated.

A digital platform does wonders. See how The American Club harnessed the powers of Internet technology, and with the help of Adwright, bring their services up a further notch.

Category: Digital