Case Studies

Why would a big manufacturing and trading company need a new brand image? The answer is simple: To be recognizable and increase its business profitability.

Kewalram, part of the Chanrai Group needed to revamp its corporate identity and sync it across all subsidiaries.

Category: Branding, Digital

As a hotel group with a list of lavish hotels and resorts under its arm, Alila needs a corporate website to match up to its wonderful suites and villas.

Adwright knows just how Alila can look good both in reality and the virtual world.

Category: Digital

Menus can look just as delicious when matched with a sophisticated layout. Bistro Senso wants to set itself apart from the rest.

Adwright had just the right tools needed to spin this dining gem into an elegant website that would put many others to shame.

Category: Digital

Looking for the perfect holiday destination but think of renting a villa, or perhaps a whole property of your desired choice?

Adwright shows how we turned Holiday Cube into a multi-functional, interactive site. From logo to icons, here’s a magical getaway.

Category: Digital