As the first Singaporean-owned chocolate manufacturing company, Aalst Chocolate Pte Ltd is led by a team of specialists with an exceptional and profound understanding of chocolates.

From an initial start-up with just a few interested clients, Aalst Chocolate has turned into an expansion plan that includes exporting chocolate products to more than 30 countries.

In the process with the help of Adwright, they have increased these products to 5 separate identities under the main Aalst Chocolate brand and developed a total of 30 different variations in flavours.

Capability Development Grant (CDG)

Aalst Chocolate’s re-branding process is supported by Spring Singapore under the CDG initiative, which aims to help companies build brands and increase their brand awareness.


Aalst Chocolate range is new, thus does not have the credibility that older brands enjoy. As such, it had the job of creating a brand new ‘taste experience’ to stand out from the crowd.

It is a challenge to realise the ambitions of the Aalst Chocolate dream or vision. To become the ‘top of mind’ choice when purchasing chocolate for production or used in chocolate products.

A brand strategy and vision was needed to increase awareness of the range of products to the different targeted consumers. Consumers needed to know which product was right for them.

  • To be a top choice for quality chocolate products
  • To strengthen the Aalst Brand in the minds of their stakeholders
  • Identify new and appropriate markets and align resources
  • Expand existing product range and supply to new customers

Brand analysis and overall strategic direction for the brand.

  • Aalst Chocolate – Main Holding Company
  • Chocolate Line – Consumer product Line – Fountain Chocolate, Chocolate (B2C)
  • Fountains Cacao Ivory – Business Product Line – Targeted at industrial chocolate users (B2B)
  • Patissier – Professional Product Line – Targeted at professional chefs and bakers
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Management
  • Environmental Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Press and Magazine Advertising
  • Digital Branding

After analysing the companies’ target segments, each product had a Branding Mind Map to scope out the possible brand accessories to effectively operate and market the individual products.

With each new brand followed a range of supporting brand tools from brand manuals to logistic truck graphics to product websites, making sure everything fell in line with carefully positioned identities product category.

In terms of business operations, brand (and product) segmentation served as an effective route for multiple sales channels.

Packaging Star Award

Under Adwright’s meticulous art direction and guidance, the Chocolate line range has also won the Packaging Star Award.

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