As a company that is at the aesthetical forefront of the orthodontics industry, SimpliClear needed a strong brand identity and storytelling process for both its B2B and B2C components. What was essential is a “facelift” to pit it against other industry players.


Some challenges that the company faced was that past product attributes were too technical and full of industrial jargons that could befuddle the average Joe looking to regain a set of perfect teeth in the least troublesome way possible. Also, the reputation in the States was not very effective due to the use of old technology.

However, they have since improvised a new technology, in which a total brand facelift was crucial to introduce to consumers and build new confidence.


A clear solution was to create icons and graphics that could help people digest the process better. Adwright created a workflow process that included an infographic and icons that would serve to illustrate SimpliClear’s product capabilities in a hassle-free approach.


Adwright focused on the B2B aspect to help elevate the brand’s image by injecting the idea that Biomers’ products are highly sought-after. The website was also strategically split into both B2B and B2C user interfaces to lead targeted users into choosing the right options and getting what they needed at the shortest time available.

  • Brand Consultancy
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Communications
  • Environmental Design
  • Digital Branding

A refreshed, revitalised brand image gives retailers added credibility to be able to explain the products to end consumers in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. This would ultimately encourage product confidence and lead to fast adoption, positioning SimpliClear as an innovative trendsetter in the industry.

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