Introducing Adccelerate Branding Service

by Adwright, 14 August, 2020

Brands are always future-proofing themselves to weather the ever-changing norms. In recent times, it has become a necessity to digitalise your brand to stay competitive and reach your audiences better.

Adccelerate puts digitalisation first when developing your brand. From brand naming, brand imagery to web development, this service helps to curate your brand’s narrative from as low as $3,000 SGD.

How Adccelerate defines your brand

Your brand is more than the products and services it offers. Your brand is an embodiment of your purpose, mission, and vision, which it upholds for your audiences. Having a well-defined brand presence online and offline creates a lasting first impression for your first-time visitors and regulars.

Here are 3 benefits of having a brand imagery

  1. Express your stakeholder’s and brand’s purpose and beliefs visually
  2. Build connection and resonance with your customers
  3. Sets guidelines to ensure consistency for your future brand communication assets

A well-curated brand imagery forms the foundation of a holistic brand identity. As the brand owner, you get to articulate why you do what you do through this exercise and also get a glimpse of how your brand can evoke people emotions. Thus, it plays out the importance of how your brand can communicate consistently over and over to ensure your message is well-thought and aligned at every touchpoint.

How Adccelerate helps your brand Go-to-Market

Research shows 87% of your potential customers check your website before meeting you. A further 96% of your potential customers are influenced by their first impression of your brand’s website. A brand that lacks a strong brand narration and visual foundation can turn people away. Hence, to bring your brand online holistically, your website has to be designed to illustrate and communicate your brand’s identity.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here is how Adccelerate creates impressionable brand websites from the start:

  1. Understanding your brand’s purpose and identity.

Before designing your website, we audit your brand to identify its purpose, narrative, and key design concepts. Harnessing these background information helps us draw inspiration for how your website should look.

  1. Translating your brand’s identity visually.

After knowing what your brand stands for, we start laying the design foundation of your website. From brand design concepts, motifs, to layouts, we curate the best design mix to exude your brand’s aspiration and persona.

  1. Curating your business needs and offerings into a website framework.

Apart from helping your brand look good, a website has to serve a functional purpose. Whether you need a sales funnel, lead generator, or an informative microsite, our design process revolves at the core of your every business needs.

In conclusion, digitalisation is more than bringing your brand online. Building strong brand recall and resonance with your audiences would require brand consistency online and offline. Looking to build a robust brand identity and online presence? Visit us at Adccelerate or contact us at to find out more.

Our Mini Case Studies


A new brand identity had to be created for Acorn to introduce its new premium product extension. Adwright crafted an overarching brand imagery deck that would inspire, guide, and lead Acorn’s premium brand communications and messages. The brand imagery led to the creation of holistic brand designs and visuals that were instrumental to Flaire’s distinct microsite. Read more here.

SP Homes

SP Homes offers an all-in-one solution for homeowners to achieve their dream home through personalisation. To differentiate SP Homes from other competitors, Adwright crafted a suite of brand narrative assets inspired by the fulfilment of homeownership. These assets include a brand story, logo, tagline, and brand imagery deck. With SP Homes newly formed brand identity, Adwright designed a microsite to highlight the freedom of design choice through SP Homes’ design technology. It also gave visitors a preview of the showroom, which garnered interest and led to showroom traffic. Read more here.



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