Building Heritage Through Branding

by Adwright, 23  July 2021

With National Day around the corner, we take a closer look into a heritage brand that embodies the Singapore spirit. It is none other than Love, Afare by JUMBO.

Flying the Singapore Flag with A Heritage Brand

JUMBO Seafood has its humble roots in being a local seafood restaurant. Famed for its iconic Chilli Crab, it has since grown to be an international franchise with many brands under its name.

The company offers multiple dining concepts to suit the palates of both local and overseas consumers. They set up a central kitchen in 2008 to achieve consistency in food quality. The kitchen also conducts research and development for new dishes.

In 2020, the organisation decided to pivot into the FMCG space to increase and diversify revenue streams in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

The new brand direction will enable them to stay relevant. It also allows them to showcase Singapore’s culture and spirit through a wide selection of packaged food and lifestyle products.

Heritage Brand Goes Global

The new brand was launched in Singapore recently and hopes to bring local delights to other parts of the world. They will start with China, followed by countries with existing JUMBO outlets. This includes Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Home Is Where Your Stomach Is

More people are staying at home for meals during this pandemic period. By offering a range of retail sauces and soup pouches from JUMBO Group of restaurants, consumers are able to get a taste of their local favourites. These packs are easily ordered online and delivered to consumers both locally and overseas.

The nostalgia created from the flavours of Singapore allows consumers to feel like they can have a piece of home and or, Singapore with them. Pleased consumers have posted photographs of their proud creations on social media.

How Heritage Is Translated Into A Brand

As their appointed agency, Adwright understood that JUMBO Group has a strong passion for sharing and creating local cuisine. Hence, we dived into creating a brand that encapsulates the experience of sharing all things local.

We want consumers to see the brand as a way to indulge in their love affair with local fare, hence the name Love, Afare. Our taglines also cover the brand’s core values of 爱 (Loving)。食 (Savouring)。录(Sharing).

Aptly, Love, Afare is also selected to be part of the ‘Made with Passion’ initiative by Singapore Tourism Board and Enterprise Singapore to represent Singapore’s rich food culture.

Upholding Our Local Pride

Through social media teasers and eDMs from JUMBO Seafood, Ng Ah Sio and Zui Teochew Cuisine, consumers were led to the new website of Love, Afare. In an interactive manner, the page was revealed pixel by pixel for 50 hours.

More than 1200 consumers received special promo codes and discounts when they keyed in their email addresses to unveil the pixels.

The expose of the Love, Afare generated significant interest which caught the attention of Marketing Interactive Group.

The designed merchandise and products also appealed strongly to local mainstream media, key opinion leaders and social media influencers, further heightening the exposure of Love, Afare.

The brand will continue to share its local products and recipes. After all, Love, Afare’s  key dream is to share with consumers its love for the best authentic taste and mementoes representing Singapore.

Indeed, Love, Afare is starting to have a visible impact in Singapore. It has also been launched in China and will continue to expand into other parts of the globe. We are proud to help heritage brands fly the Singapore flag high.

Adwright has also helped other local heritage brands like YiKoWei  and HarriAnns.

On behalf of the team at Adwright, have a Happy National Day!


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