Did you make it into the COVID19 top seller list?

by Adwright, 23 March, 2020

Malaysia announced its lockdown on Monday, Mar 16, 2020, to restrict movement throughout Malaysia from Wednesday 18 to Mar 31, 2020, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the country. This announcement stirred up yet another wave of panic-attack for consumers in Singapore since the city-state announced DORSCON Orange on Feb 7 2020.

Singapore’s citizens biggest worry is the nation’s food supply. The city-state’s food self-sufficiency rate is less than 10%, and Malaysia is one of its key sources of imports. Government statistics show that 37% of chicken imports, 67% of leafy vegetables and 39% of the fruit came from Malaysia in 2018.

The supermarket shelves were empty and longer-than-usual lines formed at Singapore’s supermarkets on Tuesday, despite assurances that Malaysia would keep food and other cargo flowing.

Our Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing insisted there was no reason to worry, as the country has three months’ worth of rice and noodles, plus enough meat and vegetables for two months.

“A disruption of supplies from Malaysia is a contingency scenario we have planned for many years,” Chan said in a Facebook post. “We have put in place robust plans to manage this scenario and will continue to review our strategies to ensure that Singaporeans never run out of food or essential supplies.”

While Singapore is not facing any shortages, items in the supermarket flew off the shelves without logic. We have observed that there were products still on the shelf, even as its counterparts sold out. It is an interesting phenomenon. Here are snapshots with hilarious commentary of some food items left on the shelves during this pandemic.

How did you fare? Were you one of the top sellers?

Could this panic buying be a litmus test?

If your product was one of those that was left behind, perhaps, it is a time to reflect and evaluate.

We know that manufacturers spend a large amount of money yearly to develop and launch new products. But are they proven successful? And will they enjoy a good sales life-time on the shelves?

We have helped many companies to brand and launch their products locally and internationally. Here are some of the top questions and thought process we go through to ensure that our clients have a good chance of survival in the market.

1. What are your product’s function and benefits?

Do not go by the saying “same same but different”. Consumers are discerning and can call out bluff from miles away. Be authentic and highlight the difference. That will make the consumer sit up and take notice.

2. Who do you want your product to appeal?

Define your customers, who are they, and what is their profile going to be like? Speak directly to them and not everyone. You will then be speaking to your audience with focus.

3. Is your product capable of solving a problem?

If your product cannot solve a problem, then why would consumers want to buy it?

4. What is the selling price?

Price matters. Understanding the price elasticity in your product category would be the best bet. Consumers want great value at the right price; but they may not want the cheapest too.

5. Is it possible to explain your product easily?

Consumers have a limited attention span. Please seize that moment and do not bore them. Clear and concise information will do.

6. Credibility is earned. Do you have people to stand for your product?

Consumers go to the internet to look for reviews to affirm their decision before making their purchases. It is important to establish what people are saying about your product.

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