Noteworthy traits in the best branding agencies

By Adwright, 27 January 2022

Branding agencies work closely with brands to bring their stories to life and elevate their presence. They clear up branding misalignments and provide guidance to a brand’s branding direction, allowing brands to derive a stronger understanding of their own identity.

In a branding agency, things move like gears in a system. But this does not mean that work in a branding agency is non-dynamic. Conversely, a flurry of activity consisting of random spurts of expression, emotions and excitement goes on in the day-to-day work at a branding agency. And while the culture of branding agencies differs ever so slightly from one to another, one would most probably find that the best branding agencies share the following interesting attributes.

Strong communication skills

If branding is about communicating through words and visuals the functional and emotional values of a company to its target audience, then it would be only logical that the best branding agencies are those with people who are able to communicate well. Good brand consultants have the ability to express their thoughts clearly and cogently. This does not equate to using pompous and flowery language designed to entrap the listener in an enchanting daze but rather using simple, sharp and precise language to bring the message across. Ultimately, there is not much point in bombarding the other party with big and loaded vocabulary in an attempt to impress them when they are unable to even understand what is being said in the first place.

Branding communications is arguably the same thing. The main objective for brands whenever they connect with their consumers though communication touchpoints be it websites, ads, posters or banners is to establish the emotional connection between business and consumer. Brands want and need to appear personable and relatable which is why the communication process is so important.

Prick your ears up the next time you attend a presentation by a branding agency. Putting content and spheres of knowledge aside, listen out for how the agency communicates the idea across. Is the train of thought coherent?

Ability to think outside the box

Branding agencies are very creative in how they build a brand story, craft a tagline or design a new brand logo. This can probably be attributed to the fact that unlike in-house marketing, branding agencies are able to draw inspiration from past projects across a range of industries—F&B, fashion and beauty, electronics and homeware etc.

This gives branding agencies the breadth of different experiences to find similarities or parallels, which enables them to offer clients a new and refreshing perspective. The best branding agencies do not look at problems in silos; they are adept in connecting the dots and drawing links between different industries to come up with an innovative solution.

Nous and sensitivity to key trends movements and global developments

The world is constantly evolving and trends move like tides. Tiktok, the popular video-sharing app that was only started in 2017 has grown to become the most downloaded app globally in 2021, while ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance), which is a growing buzzword in recent years, seems to be the central theme for the next decade or so.

Staying relevant is paramount to the success of branding agencies and the clients they service. This is the reason why branding agencies place high emphasis on keeping abreast with trends and staying attuned to the market.

Trendjacking, which gets its name from the action of “highjacking” on the popularity and attention paid to the latest hottest trends, is arguably not difficult to achieve.  All it takes to trendjack is to be an avid consumer of social media and a creative eye for opportunities. With that being said, failing spectacularly is astonishingly easy too and a different topic which deserves its own article.

On the other hand, the acute awareness and sensitivity to what is happening in different industries, across different consumer groups, all around the world, takes decades of experience and a substantial amount of knowledge. This is not achievable by just reading the news daily and following blogs by branding veterans. It requires agencies to be involved in the thick of the action, by working directly with brands in the industry. Such is the reason why and how good branding agencies know what works and what does not; they have firsthand experience of it themselves.

Proven track record

This might go without saying, but the best branding agencies always have an expansive portfolio of past projects on their website for the public and prospective clients to view. From the point of view of a branding agency, transparency is a key factor when reaching out to the world or interacting with interested brands.

Good branding agencies are unafraid, even proud, to showcase their work and results on their webpage as a testament to their skill and ability. And while is it easy to drown among the sheer volume of projects completed while scrolling through their portfolio and start thinking to yourself that you have found the right agency, it is crucial to not be carried away by the clientele profile or size of the projects but instead focus on the nature of each project. Keep your eye on the quality of work and the method the agency adopts in each project. There should be sufficient diversity among their work and visible creativity displayed through their designs, copy and messaging. The last thing you want is an agency that takes each project in the same way, which is reminiscent of a one-trick pony, albeit successful.

Finding an excellent branding agency that encompasses all of the above is difficult, which is why it makes us even prouder to have developed such traits in our own agency. For over 20 years, Adwright has collaborated with clients ranging from local SMEs to global corporations, spanning across many industries. We provide integrated solutions in branding, design, communications and beyond. Partner with us and embark on your unique brand journey today. To find out more about the services that Adwright provides, call us today at +65 6227 7227 or email



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