4 Important reasons F&B businesses should subscribe to Adwright’s initiative “The Veil”

by Adwright, 12 June, 2020

Adwright announced its newest initiative “The Veil” to help F&B and retail mall business owners to adhere to the new stringent measures as they resume business operations. “The Veil” is a subscription acrylic shield guard that provides safety and hygiene measures for customers. The Veil guards diners from direct sneezes and coughs. Thus, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness is contained within their space. Business owners can subscribe for a The Veil guard for as low as $0.60 a day due to collaborations with advertisers.

Subscribing to Adwright’s The Veil will be important to F&B businesses as:

  1. It will be made a mandatory for all F&B establishments to implement a barrier between diners.
  1. The Veil ensures safety and hygiene so customers can interact with a peace of mind even in groups of five.
  1. Subscribing will lower overhead cost for businesses during this period as compared to buying.
  1. Value-added subscription model that allows businesses to fully own their The Veil guards after a 90 days subscription.

The Veil also will serve as a nation-wide platform that enables advertisers to connect with diners. Advertising on The Veil helps support local businesses by lowering the rental cost for these essential shield guards. This initiative is brought to Singapore by Adwright to support local businesses and create a platform for brands to communicate with their audiences while aiding the local F&B industry. To sign up for The Veil click here, or email us at enquiry@adwright.com / call us at  +65 6227 7227 to find out more about this advertising platform.

This chart compares the various factors that consumers will consider important when dining during post-lockdown period.

Source: BVA BDRC Asia 4th June 2020

A recent news coverage from Channel 8 emphasised on the safety measures restaurants have implemented for Phase 2.




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