The 3 Ws behind every brand’s purpose

by Adwright, 23 October, 2019

Every brand should have a brand purpose. It may be to empower people in lifelong learning through music or playing a part in building an eco-sustainable future. Having a purpose sets out a differentiated ideology of how a company intends to position itself in society and provide betterment for its communities. Hence, when it comes to forging a memorable and distinct brand, like a person – a brand has to have an identity grounded in a core purpose or belief. Here are 3 points you can use to identify and solidify your brand’s purpose. We are proud to have the opportunity to work with some inspiring purpose-driven companies.


What differentiates a remarkable brand from its lesser-known competitors is its belief. ‘What’ symbolises the core purpose a brand is established to serve. For instance, unlike many music schools that are catered to classical music or targeted towards children, Academy of Rock embodies a core purpose which is to empower people of all ages to connect, learn and enjoy music together. Academy of Rock’s belief in lifelong learning has encouraged elderlies to pick up and learn contemporary music alongside other young musicians. Its tagline ‘Never too early Never too late’ serves as a strong brand message for people of all ages to pursue their passion for music. This is an example of a strong belief that a brand can harness strong messages to create narratives that resonate deeply with its target audiences. The ‘What’ of a brand can usually be identified by its Vision and Mission statements. These statements form a firm foundation that will impact and influence the beliefs of the brand’s stakeholders and the people they serve.


It is important to understand your brand’s target audiences and what influences them. Identifying your perceived target audiences helps craft and reinforce relevant messages that can integrate every aspect of your brand communication efforts. Knowing your target audiences well will also aid in curating unified messages that relate to a brand’s underlying purpose. Most importantly, a brand purpose core message should be timeless and remains relevant to people over time.


Why do we do what we do? A brand has to have an underlying purpose to operate other than just making profits. Having a purpose creates meaning for a brand and keeps it grounded in its pursuit towards a goal. Bamco is a bamboo charcoal flooring company that builds strong and eco-sustainable flooring for residential and commercial spaces. Providing sustainable flooring is Bamco’s purpose. Why? So that generation upon generation can be brought up on eco-conscious and stable grounds. By opting for Bamco’s environmental-friendly floors, consumers also support the environmental-friendly movement by reducing their carbon footprint. This environmental lifestyle choice hence aligns to the sustainability narrative Bamco has embodied through its tagline “living the right way”.Hence, from an overarching perspective, Bamco is a brand that not only provides strong and adverse-free flooring, it also plays a role in environmental sustainability and climate change.

The power of the 3 Ws in your overarching brand narrative

Understanding a brand’s purpose on a deep level can lead to the development of products and communication narratives that are consistent throughout every brand assets. When a brand has determined its belief and purpose, it can craft narratives that exude distinctiveness aligning with its brand identity. Impactful narratives can result in deeply rooted brand stories, taglines, vision and mission statements, and other communication assets that can impact, persuade, and even resonate and turn audiences into loyal customers.

Compelling narratives can form a solid foundation for a new brand and its communication strategies. At Adwright, we strive to help brands craft unique and relatable narratives that revolve around your brand purpose. Call us today on +65 6227 7227 or email to find out more.



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