What Goes Behind a Logo Redesign?

by Adwright, 19 April 2021

I. Introduction

When Xiaomi unveiled a new logo on 30 March 2021, the world reacted with surprise, intrigue and a dose of scepticism. The resounding message was – this is it? After 3 years and an undisclosed sum (suspected to be 2 million yuan), with the expertise of the world-renowned designer, Kenya HARA, Xiaomi just rounded its logo’s corners?

As a branding agency that both design new logos and redesign existing logos, we delved into this interesting topic and offered some food for thought.

II. Why redesign a logo?

A logo is one of the most visible brand assets. When utilised widely enough by consumers, a brand logo takes on an iconic status that signals to consumers what the brand represents, without any other words or images. The logo itself captures attention, exudes appeal and draws consumers towards a business and its products.

As a logo is a significant representation of a brand, embarking on a logo redesign is not merely a shift in one visual asset. Typically, a logo redesign embodies a new branding direction. A business is turning itself towards a new direction, and its redesign signals to consumers that “We are not simply who we were. This is us now.”

III. How is a logo redesigned?

As a logo redesign is not simply an aesthetic matter, the design agency and client have to arrive at a common understanding of the brand’s future vision. It is crucial that this new logo will take the brand forward and that the logo will capture the essence of the brand’s improved and upgraded identity.

In order to properly create a logo redesign that will encapsulate the brand’s future vision and personality, a thorough brand audit is needed. This audit allows the brand to express and articulate its vision for the future fully. Not simply a one-way conversation, both the design agency and the brand will discuss and create a fully-fledged new branding identity together. When the designer presents the logo redesign drafts, they are often supported with a thought process that pushes the new brand philosophy forward. By working together, the new branding identity takes its form in novel iterations of the existing logo.

IV. How many edits for a logo redesign?

Kenya HARA used a mathematical formula to design the new logo for Xiaomi, arriving at multiple variations of a possible new Xiaomi logo. Not all logos require math behind them, but all logo redesigns come with multiple versions. Oftentimes, a decision on a small change within an existing logo results from drafts, discussions and a carefully considered thought process. As the saying goes, “台上十分钟,台下十年功”, what appears effortless to a casual observer requires extensive behind the scenes efforts.

V. How to choose the final version?

Ultimately, the client will pick his/her favourite version that aligns with their brand’s ambition. The final choice will factor in multiple considerations, including the logo’s visibility, the target audience’s taste, and whether the existing logo has already acquired significant brand equity. Xiaomi’s existing logo has already achieved global world recognition, and millions of consumers recognise Xiaomi from their signature orange and white typography. Hence, the redesigned logo, which is very similar to the present version, might have been an essential criterion for Xiaomi’s final decision. The logo had to remain familiar enough to the casual consumer. Ultimately, the design agency must understand each client’s specific needs, and no one-size-fits-all approach will fit every client.

VI. Conclusion

A logo redesign is a pivotal shift for a brand’s identity. Every branding exercise is a collaborative effort between the client and the agency. For the selected brand agency to create a purposeful logo redesign, it must have a thorough understanding of the brand’s vision. A careful thought process guides the design of multiple logo redesign options, offering clients a choice when making their decision. Importantly, as an agency ourselves, we know and understand that clients have their factors to consider when making their final choice, and it the chosen logo redesign must fulfil the brand needs.

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