When is change necessary?

by Adwright, 12 March 2018

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Change starts from within

In today’s world, consumers are constantly absorbing news and receiving information. Often, they are overwhelmed and confused. It is time for companies to start assessing their brand positioning and how their brand communicates to their target audience.

Companies should start asking “Why should we exist and how does our company matter to anybody?” Look internally and dive deep. Change is inevitable and if you change yourself, you will change the world. Brand strategy brings the company’s raison d’être and competitive position to life. It focuses on the messages brands deliver, the imagery they convey and the way they interact. Repositioning comes into work when companies are conscious of and acknowledge how they have failed to be of relevance to their consumers.

So, how to stay ahead of the curve and differentiate? Aim to create alignment and clarity both inside and outside the organisation and consider when to reposition a brand.

Renew and inspire change

A successful repositioning campaign requires more than just a new logo; it demands commitment and a renewed vision that inspires customers, employees and stakeholders. With this ethos, businesses will consistently deliver on their branding promises, and reality will always match up. By repositioning a brand, companies reconnect with their current audience and can reach out to prospective ones. All the pieces of the puzzle, such as the logo, key visual designs and marketing materials must work together to provide a holistic integrated identity that the customer can truly appreciate.

Start asking poignant questions

Find out the pains affecting the company. Choose a strategy with specific objectives that is important for successful brand- repositioning. At the initial point, companies should start asking themselves:

1. What is our long-term goal?
2. What is our forte and competitive edge?
3. What do we want our brand to be known for and mean to our target audience?
4. Does our desired brand position match our overall company goals, values and vision?
5. Do we have the necessary funds to dedicate to the development of our brand position?
6. Are the brand goals realistic?

Research is important 

Get consumers and employees involve. Knowing how these groups of people think about a brand is important. Companies can use these insights to inform all stakeholders involved when approaching the brand repositioning exercise.

Want to learn more about how to successfully reposition your brand? Adwright has made great progress in cementing our reputation as a brand localisation agency as we have worked with a Fortune Global 500 company to reposition its brand in the local context. We also have a solid track record as a brand internationalisation agency; we have repositioned and launched a local food manufacturer overseas with great success.

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