Developing 22 Stories's Social Media Presence

Photo Credit: 22 Stories Facebook

ANDSOFORTH Junior is a unique theatrical event company. They specialise in providing one-of-a-kind storytelling experiences that involve theatrics immersed around stories and dramatic narratives. In May 2019, ANDSOFORTH Junior launched the 22 Stories event which featured 22 experiential rooms, each embodying a theme tailored to childhood fairytale characters.


ANDSOFORTH Junior appointed Adwright as the digital consultant and social media planner for the 22 Stories event. The aim was to raise awareness and increase ticket sales through digital media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and various online publications.

Photo Credit: 22 Stories Facebook

Adwright implemented a social media strategy that featured various content narratives from the event’s hero character, the Fairy Godmother. This social media content narrative was also present at all communication aspects and evoked a sense of whimsical and adventurous impression. A strong call to action was also weaved into the social media posts such as videos and website-leading posts while maintaining the overall cheerful and light-hearted content direction.

Adwright also advised on the 22 Stories Facebook thematic content which used familiar fairytale characters like Cinderella, Aladdin, and Snow White. The themes formed a guideline to the type of images that should be used and the copy direction which was needed to spark curiosity among the event’s target audiences. In order to incentivise and create more buzz, Adwright suggested tactical posts such as giveaways and promotions which communicated directly to parents and young adults.

Media and content publishers such as SGAG and The Smart Local were deployed to broadcast messages under the lead of Adwright. The media platforms worked with Adwright to ensure that every communication assets were holistic and crafted in a similar tone that resonated with the target audiences.


Through Adwright’s consultancy, 22 Stories managed to develop meaningful and engaging messages that appealed to its target audiences. As such, 22 Stories was able to achieve its social media KPI. The well-crafted event narrative had increased demand and brought in almost 4 million impressions. There were also 34 thousand generated consumer engagements that were identified on 22 Stories’ social media pages, these engagements garnered digital footprint and drew interest to the event and its website.



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