Crafting Apollo's Seafood Product Packaging


Apollo Marine Seafood is a local seafood farming company. Their operations span from farming live seafood to producing ready-to-consume products for consumers. Apollo aims to cater to the new generation of home cooks who are savvy in reading food labels and are discerning in the source of their ingredients. With this in mind, they created a new product line using its high-quality Grouper fillet cuts paired with premium marinates.


Apollo’s new seafood products would be sold in all leading supermarkets. Hence, it needed the packaging that would exude the premium quality of the ingredients. The packaging must be distinct enough to differentiate Apollo from other seafood brands.


Apollo approached Adwright to design a set of packaging for their new product line that would enable the brand to engage with supermarket buyers to be listed on its shelves.

To understand the product better, Adwright attended Apollo’s seafood tasting session to define the design influences from each unique taste profile. The product ranges consisted of an array of international flavours from lemon and butter dill, assam sambal and kimchi and a crispy grimp cake. Adwright was also involved in art directing the photoshoot of each product which were used on the packaging.

Design Inspiration

The overarching product line designed to look contemporary and understated with a design inspiration derived from oceanic and seaside environments. It embodied a bold hue of colours and illustration of groupers and scales to display an authentic sea life look. The typeface on the packaging has a “premium” feel with its light gold font colour.

Each individual product also consisted of thematic design elements that are influenced by the cultural roots or core ingredients of their distinct flavour. Taste sensory consumer lexicons are included in each packaging to convey the marinade flavours succinctly.


Kimchi is a Korean delicacy with a tangy and umami flavour profile. Adwright designed the packaging with Korean floral medallion motifs to represent the kimchi’s rich Korean cultural roots.


Assam Sambal

Assam Sambal has a distinct tart and spicy flavour profile. It is a renown marinade in the South East Asia region which derived from Indonesia. Adwright designed motifs with Indonesia’s popular Batik designs to tie the flavour with its cultural roots.

Lemon and Butter Dill 

Lemon and Butter Dill is a light and zesty marinade that came from western countries. Therefore, Adwright designed modern motifs with the cross-section of a lemon to symbolise the timeless nature of the buttery yet zesty taste profile.


Grimp Cake

Grimp Cake is a savoury dish consisting of fresh seafood. Hence, Adwright designed waves motifs to symbolise the freshness of seafood in the vast natural ocean.



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