Bringing ESET to Customers


ESET is a pioneer of antivirus protection that creates award-winning threat detection software. Its security solutions allow businesses and consumers to enjoy digital technology in a safe and protected environment.


During this COVID pandemic period, more businesses are seeing the value of digitalisation. In this pandemic, employees are now working remotely, while companies are increasingly transacting with businesses partners and consumers digitally and collecting payments online. As such, companies are adopting digitalisation at an unprecedented pace. When businesses digitalise their operations, concerns of the increasing opportunities in cyber-attacks become apparent. Cyber-security plays a central role in enabling companies to move towards digitalisation of their business to ensure business continuity efforts are protected.

However, many companies do not have the expertise and know-how to protect their digital and technology infrastructure. Thus, this is why ESET needs to communicate the importance of cyber-security and the nuance in a less technical way to let businesses when implementing digitalisation to ensure business continuity.


Together with ESET, Adwright worked out the customers’ profile to underpin their concerns keywords that would attract their attention. The team also identified various digital channels to amplify the communications that will lead them through the marketing funnel.

A set of digital banners are designed to create brand awareness and to generate interest in the importance of cyber-security.

There are two different microsites created to cater to the customer profile groups. Each microsite is designed with targeted bite-sized information to capture the attention of the customers and also examples that resonate. Both microsites have specific call-to-action such that the ESET customer care team can work with the leads generated.



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