Frasers Hospitality Promotion Concepts


Frasers Hospitality is a serviced apartment brand with apartments around the world.

They offer home-style luxury living with accessible kitchens, washing machines, and other household amenities. As such, Frasers’ apartments are the go-to travel accommodation for creating homely and convenient family trips with young children or elderlies.


Frasers Hospitality aims to promote apartment booking during the 2020 May to September travel period. (Prior to COVID-19 pandemic situation)


Adwright researched on Frasers and its competitors to understand how the brands have positioned itself. The research found that Frasers Hospitality was more family-centric compared to its serviced apartment brand competitors. Through reviews on TripAdvisor, Adwright also uncovered that most travellers chose Frasers because of its amenities and prime locations. With these information, Adwright created three promo-driven brand communications concept to align with Frasers’ positioning.

Concept 1 – Come Home to Frasers. Anytime, Anywhere.

The team conceptualised a set of visual concepts that were inspired by various tourist feedbacks and insights attained by Frasers’ Hospitality reviews around the world. Each of these concepts emphasised key important Frasers’ unique selling points – the convenience of location, and household amenities.

Concept 2 – The World is Your Playground

The second concept associated Frasers Hospitality with various unique landmarks around the world. The visual also highlighted Frasers Hospitality’s worldly presence globally.

Its family-influenced elements also aimed to exude a warm and light-hearted image of travelling with Frasers. The overall visual featuring a family on vacation established Frasers Hospitality as a family-centric brand.

Concept 3 – Piece of the World (Visual-Driven)

The third concept focused on Frasers Hospitality locations worldwide. The concept showcased different signature trinkets from various countries that Frasers Hospitality has a presence in. Doing so, also aligned Frasers Hospitality as a serviced apartment brand that understood local culture in many parts of the world.

The “Piece of the world” concept was then further expanded to be more engaging and interactive to promote Frasers’ serviced apartments around the world.

Through deep collaboration and discussion, Adwright and Frasers Hospitality steered towards a direction that focused on long-stay family vacations. This direction further encapsulated Frasers Hospitality as an ideal service apartment for long-stay vacations.

Finalised Concept – “Where can we go next!”

Adwright then created a set of visuals that represents the children’s curiosity of the world around them. This visual concept also symbolised family travels and world-exploration from the eyes of the children but with narratives that appeals to the parents. The concept set the impression of Frasers Hospitality being a serviced apartments ideal for families on vacation.

The headline “Where can we go next!” comes from a child’s perspective to reflect their joy and excitement when they wistfully day dream about their next holiday travels with their parents. The body copy is a checkbox content that wittily showcases all the benefits and reasons for travellers to choose Frasers Hospitality.



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