Creating Golden Boy's Product Design


Golden Boy is a brand of canned food products by Seng Hong Co (PTE) LTD. The brand specialises in canned fruits and vegetables.


Golden Boy wanted to promote their savoury corn products to children. However, the parents would be the people who would place the product in the shopping cart. Based on the existing packaging, the brand was unable to communicate its product’s quality, and it lacked the appeal to both parents and children.


Adwright surveyed the supermarkets and also did a dip-stick experiment with a small sample size to the target audience to understand the reasons where they might purchase the product. The existing packaging had an easy-peel off lid which drew consumers’ interest. Also, the consumers wanted to know more about the source of the product, since it was for their children.

Through the research process, Adwright conceptualised a brand imagery deck to embody the essence of Golden Boy. Adwright also established a set of brand values for Golden Boy to accentuate its product message with a mix of sensory keywords and simple ingredients. The key benefits became apparent on the packaging to ensure consumers understand Golden Boy’s positioning.

Corn Product Label

There were three unique flavours, namely chicken consomme, Italiano Pizza, and Hokkaido Milk. The concept of the packaging appealed to children, and the key benefits of the product were also easy for parents to understand.

Each flavour embodied vibrant colours with a touch of striking graphic design elements. Illustrations of key food ingredients were added on the packaging to spark vibrance so that children would be attracted while it also conveyed the flavours visually.


Previously, the Savoury Corn product was only an export product and did not get the attention of local supermarket retailers. Now, the renewed Savoury Corn product range is available on shelves space in supermarkets like FairPrice and HAO Mart.



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