ICBC Horoscope Credit Card Launch


A new year calls for new cards. As a welcome to 2020, ICBC launched the ICBC Horoscope Credit Cards. The new Horoscope Cards took on a more creative direction to make an impression amongst astrology-loving young audiences. Adwright collaborated with the ICBC Credit Card department to conceptualise, strategise, and execute the marketing idea.

Campaign Concept

To bring out the best features of the new ICBC’s Horoscope Cards, Adwright proceeded to research and understand the underlying themes associated with horoscope. The research eventually led to ‘Astrology’ and ‘Stars’, which would become the primary factor behind the visual concept. Adwright then conceptualised a Key Visual (KV) that exuded the essence of astrology. The visual featured a grand, starry night sky with the 12 horoscope star signs, glowing across the sky. It also embodied a sense of sophistication and a touch of romance that would appeal to young couples.

Concept adaptations on Print and Digital Platforms 

Adwright conducted various media buys for different platforms. The introductory phase of the Horoscope Cards was advertised on ZaoBao. These newspaper advertisements were also designed with additional festive elements to align with the festive seasons. Platforms like MoneySmart and other financial blogs were used to appeal to the savvy followers, who are on a lookout for credit cards.

Holistic Communications Touchpoint

The primary KV was adapted to various marketing and communications assets. There were web banners, mobile banners, and e-brochure for online platforms while real-life platforms constitute of ATM screens, lobby screens, and physical brochures.

The objective of all the digital touchpoints primarily focused on increasing web traffic to the application website. Its underlying strategy was to create awareness for the Horoscope Credit Cards and improve ICBC’s brand presence and recall.

Adwright has also liaised with local content creators, SGAG, to conceptualise and craft a short social media video for the Horoscope Cards. The video will be released on 27th Feb, stay tuned.



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