Identifying The Bay In Treasure Bay Bintan


Treasure Bay Bintan, spanning 338 hectares, is a holiday destination that features an energetic waterfront resort with ‘glamping’ accommodations and houses the First Crystal Lagoon in South-East Asia. The estate also prides itself on its eco-friendly facilities and activities, including sourcing food ingredients from its own organic farm.


Holiday-makers enjoyed staying at the glamping accommodations and utilising the activities at the crystal lagoon. However, most of the holiday-makers could only identify the hotels in their experience to travelling to the area of Treasure Bay Bintan. The brand recall of the estate was not as prominent. Thus, Treasure Bay Bintan wants to strengthen its branding identity such that holiday-makers will think of the estate and its brand before associating their experience with the hotels they stay in.


First, the “Why”. Adwright endeavoured to understand the essence of Treasure Bay Bintan. It has all the right facilities and attributes to make it a great holiday destination. Yet, travellers were confused. The “Why” becomes essential.

Through the unique selling points of our research and audit findings, we discovered the core reason why travellers should come to Treasure Bay Bintan. As a result, we precisely articulated what Treasure Bay Bintan is about and how it is the ideal destination for holiday-makers. It was simply demonstrating its position as the bay to play for days.

Hence, we developed four key pillars that support the operations of Treasure Bay Bintan, which also conveyed the values of the overall business.

Breakdown of the key values

Staying true to its values, we identified that this estate is a place where guests can Bond through customised events, Bask in a wide variety of recreational activities, Bite into delicious cuisines and rest in a luxurious Base.

Brand Storytelling and Visualisation

After we curated the story and positioning of Treasure Bay Bintan, we developed its corporate identity, tone of voice and brand imagery so that the branding team can continue the discipline to align the brand’s vision.

The brand’s tone of voice was defined as friendly, enthusiastic and warm to convey the brand’s welcoming and fun spirit into all further communications.

We also developed webpage designs and social media templates in accordance with the pillars and colours to imbue their brand’s character of being exciting and lively.

As a team, we truly appreciated the spirit of play and energy that the destination sought to communicate to holiday-makers. Hence, we ensured to communicate that every moment at Treasure Bay Bintan will be uplifting and revitalising. It will be the perfect getaway destination filled with dedicated hospitality, laughter and joy. A truly relaxing break from the mundane. The BAY to PLAY for days!



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