Krystal Charm is an etiquette academy founded by a passionate mother who is a strong believer that good social etiquette, positive self-esteem and character can mould children into successful individuals as they grow older in an increasingly competitive society.


Being a one person start-up, Krystal Charm’s greatest challenge was to garner an initial customer pool. The founder, Krystal, had to convince people about her strong set of beliefs and philosophies surrounding the upbringing of children in aspects of character development and social etiquette, so as to gain customer confidence. Hence, she had to create a brand identity and image that could aid in the communication of her ideals during talks with potential clients (e.g. education institutions)


Adwright’s professional consultants first developed Krystal Charm’s brand framework to ground all branding efforts, before working on presenting this brand to relevant target audiences.

Adwright created a logo for Krystal Charm that encompassed the heart of the academy with an image of two people shaking hands with one another, forming a bigger smiley icon which symbolised positive character development. To further communicate the exact services provided by Krystal Charm, Adwright developed brand communication tools which included a stationery set, website and a corporate profile kit.

  • Brand Consultancy
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Communications
  • Digital Branding and Web Strategy Consulting

Krystal Charm now had a strong brand image which boosted Krystal’s credibility during her discussions with schools and education centres. She experienced greater ease in her business pitches, and a rise in customer conversions.

“Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy is a new start-up with limited budget for branding and advertising. This does not deter the team in Adwright from taking up the account and showing their professionalism and dedication to help the company do up the designs of the logo, collateral sets, websites, stationery set, etc. I have clients who complimented positively on the designs especially the business cards and collateral sets. Thank you very much to the team in Adwright for the great work delivered.”

Krystal Tan
Founder and Managing Director
Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy



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