Oddle Eats Streamlines Brand Communications


The Oddle Company builds a sustainable ecosystem for the F&B industry. Their system and platform make it easy for restaurants to engage, manage and grow their F&B business through an all-in-one online ordering system.\

Oddle Eats is a new aggregator platform that connects food makers to food lovers during the circuit breaker. This platform is a congregation of all the partners of The Oddle Company born out of consumers’ feedback.


The co-founder and marketing team wanted to increase the brand awareness of Oddle Eats. This new platform has been gaining traction during this pandemic period, but the brand identity is not consistent. They want to align the brand’s identity and build its communication strategy. The marketing team and designers had a hard time trying to come up with cohesive and consistent content messaging. Campaign designs and content were also not congruent to the ideal branding of Oddle Eats.


Adwright helped to align and strategise its communication angles so that Oddle Eats could engage with its audience and various media including food bloggers and influencers consistently and cohesively. The overall brand message is “Every meal matters”, and it is a platform that connects food makers to all food lovers island-wide.

The strategy is to break into four main content pillars to communicate the brand’s key food categories and then to promote the merchants that are related to the categories accordingly. Curated visual styles, typography and colours are set so that the team could use the framework over and over again to be seen as consistent.

Brand Story

In order for Oddle Eats to convey its purpose and reason to exist in the market, Adwright crafted a brand story that narrates its brand ideals that audiences can relate to easily. The brand aspire to be the platform of choice in the minds of the consumers and help local restauranteurs gain new businesses during this new post pandemic period without additional costs.

Communication Strategy

The agency worked with Oddle Eat’s data team to understand their consumers profile. With that, the key communication pillars are curated that enable Oddle Eats to personalised content that will suit the users. The personalised content help to improve users’ experience and to promote greater brand loyalty and look forward to Oddle Eats recommendations.

Brand Communication

Oddle Eats did not establish its brand tonality and copy style at the get-go. Hence, the communication that went out are not expressing cohesively to the brand. The agency assisted in the curation of the visual communication

Brand Visuals

Oddle Eats did frequent social media ad buys in partnership of the various key merchants. In order to ensure they have strong brand identity that is consistent even while promoting its partners, the agency established a set of visual frameworks that the Oddle Eats team can manipulate easily. The key visual framework uses the key colours as well as its unique typography to accentuate the brand styling. Overall, the framework helps to set the foundation.

Key Visuals

The agency developed a set of key visuals with graphic elements and signature visuals that can be used repeatedly across the various communication materials and brand communication mediums. The repeated use of the visuals will help Oddle Eats to build strong brand recognizability as well as brand recall amongst its audience.

Digital Mediums

Using the key visuals as the basis of the brand design, the images and elements are applied across the various digital touch points from web banners to eDMs and the various social media platforms.


It is imperative to build brand presence through consistent brand tonality and design to inculcate brand love and loyalty. Oddle Eats’ consistent and cohesive messaging will enable the brand to appear as authentic and stable. Humans are creatures of habits; with consistent messaging, consumers may be able to recall a brand easily. When the need for ordering food arises (which is a norm now), the brand that is ingrained in their minds will surface. Oddle Eats is often partnering with well-known restaurateurs with purposeful promotions that enables its messaging to become even more compelling for consumers to like, follow and action upon.



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