QAVAR is a start-up that deals with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in data sorting services. Its main aim is to help corporate clients increase efficiency and reduce clutter in day-to-day administrative duties.


QAVAR’s business revolves around the use of many powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tools for different services. For potential clients to quickly and clearly understand what QAVAR was about, it was imperative to highlight QAVAR’s brand identity, and communicate their complex tools and services in simple terms.


To ensure that QAVAR’s identity as a data-sorting firm was distinct, Adwright created a new logo which incorporated elements related to AI (i.e. search icon, up and down arrows) with the tagline “get sorted.” Keywords regarding the brand’s services, such as “paperless”, “scan”, “secure” and “search”, were also emphasised in QAVAR’s new brand stationery and collateral.

To communicate QAVAR’s different services on their website ( and brochures, Adwright used a brand storytelling method to organise and demystify all the complicated procedures. While different icons and infographic displays were created as visual aids in the storytelling process, the overall design of all these elements was unified.

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  • Brand Storytelling
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  • Digital Branding

QAVAR’s brand identity was clearer – their logo spoke more about what they did as a company and their services were also explained simply with several keywords and a brand storytelling process. This clarification in brand identity also meant that potential clients could now better understand QAVAR’s business features before engaging their services.

“Nafe, together with his team of talented experts from Adwright, took every effort to get to know our company, and its people. They took that, applied their creative magic, their experience and their unique flair to create our company’s identity – one that we instantly recognised to be uniquely us. To date, we continue to receive compliments on the brand identity that Adwright created for us.

Adwright went out of their way to bring together the ideal with the practical, making sure to understand our needs, limitations, and expectations. From the experience, it is clear that Adwright cares not just about their professionalism and quality of work, which are excellent, but about us, as a company. In many ways, they exceeded our expectations.”

Eugene Ching
Co-founder, Director of QAVAR



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