SimpliClear is a company that specialises in orthodontics, with focus on aesthetics, as they are the only company that provides invisible clear braces. To capitalise on this selling point, SimpliClear needed to properly reach out to both its consumers (B2C) and business partners (B2B). They had to strengthen brand communications in order to have an advantage over other industry players.


The attributes of SimpliClear’s previous product were not communicated well due to the use of many technical and industrial terms. After devising a new and refined technology, SimpliClear hoped to gain attention with a brand facelift and build brand confidence through a proper presentation of their improved product .


To gain the trust and understanding of both potential consumers and business partners, SimpliClear needed to improve its brand image and communications. Adwright first created a new logo for SimpliClear to revitalise its brand image.

In terms of communicating SimpliClear’s product, icons and graphics were designed to aid the process of understanding. Adwright created a simple visualisation of the product attributes and capabilities on SimpliClear’s website ( .

SimpliClear’s website was also strategically split into both B2B and B2C user interfaces to help different target groups navigate the webpage efficiently and get the information they need.

To win over potential business partners, Adwright also made sure to tap on the fact that SimpliClear’s product is actually a flagship product of the renowned medical devices company, BioMers.

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  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Communications
  • Environmental Design
  • Digital Branding

SimpliClear’s brand image was revitalised with a refreshing look. The simplified illustration of SimpliClear’s product aided retailers in explaining the product to customers in a concise manner, which increased SimpliClear’s product credibility. Ultimately, SimpliClear managed to properly communicate with their target audiences, which increased product confidence and rate of adoption among businesses and consumers.



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