Repackaging TakeBerry


Formally known as HanaBerry, TakeBerry is an organic beauty supplement made with natural Japanese ingredients. It enhances health and promotes healthy living with Japanese Hanabiratake mushroom and organic Riceberry.


TakeBerry aimed to differentiate themselves from the variety of beauty supplements in the market. Since their ingredients are imported from Japan, the brand also aspired to exude the essence of traditional Japanese minimalist designs.


The ‘TakeBerry’ name was created by fusing the name of the two main ingredients, Hanabiratake mushroom and Riceberry. This created a name that can be associated with the supplement’s ingredients. The Chinese name, “大家美丽” was transcreated as it was homophonic to “TakeBerry”. The name was also memorable as it made the product benefits easy to understand.

The logo designed resembled an artfully painted sun influenced by the flag of Japan. It contained varying shades of palette pink colour which gave the logo a natural-looking gradient.


An informative brochure was crafted to educate readers on TakeBerry’s benefits and ingredients. Its pages were designed in TakeBerry’s palette pink brand colours. Some of the pages embodied photos of flowers in nature — creating a nature-oriented impression.


The new TakeBerry packaging was designed in a minimalist Japanese style. While packaged in a modern box, the design exuded a sense of Japanese flair with its floral pattern motifs. The motifs gave TakeBerry an authentic Japanese look. The immaculately designed motifs were also applied to each of the TakeBerry sachets — displaying a touch of consistency in TakeBerry’s overall design.


TakeBerry’s rebranding exercise have elevated to a premium brand positioning. The distinct brand image resonates well with the health conscious audiences and made TakeBerry an identifiable brand for its potential customers.

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