Redefining the Purpose of The Connoisseur Concerto Brand


The Connoisseur Concerto (tcc) is a chain of art boutique cafés in Singapore. Launched in 2003, the cafe was positioned as a purveyor of exclusive high-quality coffees in Singapore. Since then, tcc is known for its comprehensive selection of gourmet food and creative beverages. However, in recent years, tcc has been facing difficulties competing with the sprout of high-end hipster cafés that have surfaced in the local F&B market.


In recent years, tcc became a brand synonymous with its promotions and that has negatively affected the brand’s long-term customer retention. The brand was missing out on new business segment from the working millennials as the brand communication did not resonate well with them.


Adwright strategised and conceptualised a master plan for the future of tcc, which was launched in the second quarter of 2019. The plan outlined the broad strategies and initiatives for 2019 and beyond. It also took into consideration tcc’s new and upcoming menu.

Adwright set the communication angle to articulate the value of art that tcc place in its food, drinks, environmental aesthetics, and its service. Adwright envisioned that tcc could be a brand that would enable its customers, gourmet coffee connoisseurs, and the local art communities to connect and resonate with. This would strengthen tcc’s art-influenced identity and pride in the quality of food and service offering.

Campaign Concept – Yours Artfully

Art cohesiveness was an angle that tcc built but did not emphasise on, resulting in the lack of awareness among consumers. Adwright created art-inspired food visuals that highlighted the artistic process of crafting gourmet food and beverages. The concept symbolised the meticulous and fastidious efforts that tcc took in food creation.

The visuals reflected the vibrantly-coloured dishes with a black and white photograph of the action that went behind creating them. Like an art, every detail is important in cooking, the visual presented a raw “behind-the-scene” photograph which symbolised the effort and precision embodied in all of tcc’s creations.

Through the connection between food and art, tcc’s brand identity was able to better relate to their intended audience. The purposeful messaging characterised tcc’s brand identity and enabled working millennials to connect with the brand’s artistic persona storytelling.

It also raised awareness and pride in tcc’s heritage of art promotion and how art plays a part in its employees’ daily lives (kitchen, operations and services).



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