Toshiba's Social Media Challenges


Toshiba Lifestyle Singapore is known for producing the latest and most effective household appliances. They constantly innovate to make the most functional and artistic refrigerators, washers, water heaters and other appliances. It is with great pride that Toshiba creates a safer, more comfortable and productive lifestyle for consumers.


With consumers increasingly becoming technologically savvy in recent years, Toshiba identified a need to reach customers through digital media. Furthermore, not many consumers knew about Toshiba’s social media online presence which lacked engagement.


Adwright first evaluated its current social media platforms to identify the gaps related to the business objectives. The agency helped to define the target audience as adults with young families who would most likely need new appliances to furnish their houses.

The agency then created a comprehensive social media calendar with a fixed template for content to be posted on an almost daily basis for over three months. Recommended content included informative tips and tricks on cooking appliances, trendjacking on Uncle Roger’s fried rice video and how each product can serve consumers’ needs.

Giveaway Campaigns

 To further boost engagement and bring in followers, the agency also organised three giveaway campaigns where Toshiba gave away Pure Steam Ovens, Low GI Rice Cookers and Shopee vouchers.

Adwright collaborated with nano-influencers who are known for parenting and food content in the Pure Steam Oven Giveaway. The influencers had a followers base ranging between 5k to 10k. This bought in a whopping increase of 252.9% engagement rate on Instagram.

Building on the success of the first giveaway, Adwright continued with a second giveaway, where Toshiba gave out Low GI Rice Cookers. This time, the influencers selected had a niche in healthy living and food with a followers base ranging between 6k to 40k. Some were also tasked with giving video reviews. Impressions on Facebook surpassed 48k with over 300 shares.

$300 worth of Shopee vouchers were also given out to encourage consumers to make purchases via the e-commerce platform. This giveaway collaborated with fitness influencers to reach the specific target audience who are more health-conscious to promote the unique feature of Low GI rice cooker.

Insights For Future Communications

During the campaigns, participants were asked to share the main selling point of the products that they were attracted to. This garnered insights which can be used for further marketing and communication purposes in the future.


The campaigns were highly effective in bringing in more followers, participants, likes, comments and shares. From December 2020 to February 2021, there was a 1320% increase in followers, a 235% increase in reach and a 981% increase in views for IG. For Facebook, engagement went up by 324%, and the followers’ count saw a significant boost by 246%.



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