The Extraction Lab (EXL) is a cafe based in Shanghai, China. As the team behind EXL geared up for the cafe’s grand opening, they sought a proper branding of the business so as to set it apart from the entourage of boutique cafes in Shanghai.


The main challenge was having to aid EXL, a business situated overseas, in building their brand from scratch. The brand identity was fundamental, it needed to communicate the essence of what EXL stood for and allow the brand to be easily recognised and remembered by both locals and expatriates living in Shanghai.


For the cafe to even begin operations, Adwright had to formulate an initial brand framework and name for the previously unnamed EXL. Since the business’ philosophy was centred upon bringing the purest coffee taste by extracting premium coffee beans, Adwright proposed adopting the imagery of a laboratory. In laboratories, liquids are carefully handled for the best results, and this was a particularly apt concept for EXL.

From this brand persona, Adwright designed the brand’s logo and operational tools (i.e. cups, menu, utensils etc.) and this brand identity also spilled over to the business operations in terms of interior design.


  • Brand Consultancy
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand System and Corporate Grid Guidelines
  • Packaging Design

The whole brand look and feel was sleek and pristine. With a strong and unique concept, the cafe could be easily differentiated from usual cosy and rustic cafes. EXL possessed a contemporary and chic appeal that was in line with the tastes of Shanghai expatriates and locals, especially for those appreciative of Western culture and cuisine.

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