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Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA), is a US FDA approved cosmetic treatment by Merz Pharmaceuticals. Xeomin treats frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles with efficacy and safety without the harmful resistance built up over time.


Xeomin is safer and risk-free compared to other cosmetic treatments in the industry but consumers are not aware. The lack of brand awareness impedes Xeomin to further educate the public about its product information.


Through Adwright’s research on beauty trends and past treatment patients, it identified that there was a gap in consumer’s knowledge and treatment efficacy. Xeomin also did consumer research that identified the negative aspects of conventional cosmetic treatments. The results uncovered that consumers were anxious and did not understand the reasons for declining effectiveness in aesthetic procedures and common side effects faced by past treatment patients. With the information harnessed, an educational message was conceptualised—emphasising on Xeomin’s treatment benefits compared to other alternatives.

Adwright created a suite of visual messages that incorporated the research findings with the emotional process of a consumer. It was executed by presenting and framing the research results in an emotional-driven story. The concept embodied in four visual messages portrayed the sequence of the thought-process of a cosmetic treatment patient. Together, the research findings and storytelling created a rational yet compelling piece of educational message.

Stage 2 – Considering other types of cosmetic treatments

The second visual reflects the patient’s shift of mindset into considering a new treatment. The research result presented how patients noticed the deficient efficacy of their treatment and that change is required.

Campaign Concept

The four messages presented the sequential thoughts of a patient who would be considering cosmetic treatments. The process started with a patient’s experience in declining treatment effectiveness to begin consultation with cosmetic experts and finally feeling gratified after Xeomin treatments.

Stage 1 – Experiencing declining effectiveness in cosmetic treatments 

The first visual emphasised on the declining effectiveness of conventional treatments after a duration of time. This sentiment, backed with the research finding showed that a majority of cosmetic treatment patients experiencing the same issue.

Stage 3 – Gaining knowledge about cosmetic treatments from experts

The third visual draws on the state of realisation. The patient’s understanding of aesthetic procedures started to get unclouded and shaped by expert’s facts. The research results highlight the lack of knowledge of the side-effects that would happen should patients undergo other conventional cosmetic treatments.

Stage 4 – Achieving beauty and confidence with Botulinum toxin treatments

The last visual presented positive statistical findings from experiences of past Xeomin patients. It depicted the positive emotion felt by the patient after experiencing Xeomin’s treatment — the patient feels confident and empowered and regretted not trying the treatment earlier. In totality, the four sequential visuals aim to present Xeomin as a means to an end for all ineffective cosmetic treatments.

A video was created to feature insights from cosmetic industry experts highlighting Xeomin’s benefits. It was followed by an educational video that showcased the purification process of the active ingredient. These Above-The-Line methods served to educate the public while answering and alleviating their emotional doubts. A microsite was launched to reinforce product information, enabling the public to receive product information easily. A press kit was also designed to align with Xeomin’s brand identity, strengthening Xeomin’s media presence.


With integrated communication branding effort, Xeomin enhanced its brand awareness by educating the public through various touchpoints. These communication materials could be adapted and localised in different Asia-Pacific markets, thus improving the brand identity and reinforcing brand relevance.

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