Case Studies . Haleywood


Haleywood was started in Singapore in 1987 and is currently a manufacturing company that outsources its furniture designs to factories to produce. It currently has a representative office in Shenyang and its headquarters is in Singapore.

Haleywood aims to be the leading supplier of medium-high end furniture to clients around the world.

BrandPact / CDG

Haleywood’s rebranding process is supported by Spring Singapore under the BrandPact initiative, which aims to help companies build brands and increase their brand awareness.


The furniture industry is highly competitive. Traditionally, furniture produced in the East was thought to be cheap, with little or no originality and not much emphasis on design. Most famous designers originate from European countries like Spain, Italy and France. Many Asian manufacturers hence find it hard to command a premium on their products.


  • To strengthen the Haleywood Brand in the minds of their target customers and acquire new ones.
  • Expand existing furniture range (Ollia) and supply to new target audience
  • Appeal more to the young


  • Adwright’s brand analysis helped create an overall strategic direction for the new Haleywood brand.
  • Redesign a new identity and align it to Haleywood’s belief/vision
  • Relook at all communication touch points
  • Create new tools to reach out to new overseas market
  • Market segmentation to refine the message
  • Relook at the marketing aspect


  • Corporate Logo that looks more vibrant and modernised
  • Corporate Brochure to showcase products neatly
  • Namecards that look clean and professional
  • Corporate Website with a touch of classy sophistication
  • Stationery that looks corporate and professional
  • Brand Guide to complement the new brand image and recommendations for use
  • Digital Template and Video designed for presentations


Since the launch of the new identity in Sep 2009, Haleywood has received recognitions from local and overseas industry players. The new brand was launched in Shanghai Furniture Expo ‘09 and for the first time in 20 years, Haleywood experienced a different type of customer response. It also got a spot order of 8 containers worth of furniture for a European client.

During the International Furniture Fair held at Singapore Expo on March 2010, the Minister for Trade & Industry, Mr. Lim Hng Kiang proudly recognized Haleywood as one of the great examples of companies that invested in capability despite the economic downturn.

Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2010

Adwright helped prepare and submit a proposal to the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2010 committee, to which Haleywood won the Established Brand award.