A building needs to be built on solid foundation before adding on an appealing façade. This is akin to that of a brand. Ultimately, you need to ensure your brand architecture could withstand the test of time as well as to keep up with the ever-changing business climate.

Here at Adwright, we help get your brand blueprint right. Branding is never just about having a fancy logo. It is a systematic process that requires proper scrutiny and careful planning. We always start by looking at the “health” of your brand.

How sound is your brand?

Whether you are a new startup looking to strengthen your identity or an existing brand looking to break free from the old clutter, we are equipped to always provide our earnest and professional advice.

Through a series of empowering brand methodologies, we will guide you through the first steps of consultation to the final steps of completion.

You do what you do best in running your day-to-day business operations. Let us help sustain them further and potentially bring your brand to greater heights.


This exercise starts with a brand clinic that analyses all aspects of your business, from consumer expectations to internal perceptions. We will look deep into the entire brand alignment and cover management and operational details. This includes communication with decision makers and key stakeholders to discover any misalignments in brand culture and to rectify them effectively. Brand Audit is a crucial first step for any branding exercise as we would need to look at existing problems and customise a clear framework that is suited for your business needs. At this stage, it is imperative that all staff and employees are in tune with the brand philosophies and the ideals that encapsulate the brand. It is only with proper brand alignment can the brand look forward to a sustainable future.

  • Brand Analysis and Consultation
    • Audit current Brand State
      • Conduct Face-to-face Interviews with Key Internal Stakeholders
      • Conduct Initial Qualitative and Quantitative Research
      • Perform Competitive Analysis
      • Identify all existing Communication Touch-points and Messages
      • Perform Future Brand Needs and Emerging Trend Analysis
      •  Generate Brand Map Connecting both Internal and External Entities


A successful brand campaign always comes with a brilliant plan to begin with. To ensure that your brand is on track, it is important that we review your plans and goals and formulate a brand strategy that is vital for your brand’s growth.

A good brand strategy will help instill corporate culture and values that will shape the company. We will be looking at the brand as a whole and map out possible communication touch points between the brand and consumers. What are the collaterals that need to be rolled out at the beginning? Should you be doing media buys to get your brand out there? Is there a need for a sub-brand to further diversify your business portfolio?

These questions will be answered as soon as the brand’s strategy map is put in place. At this stage, we will want to make sure that operations that are carried out are kept constant with the brand’s goals, including its mission and vision ideals. We will also be adhering closely to the brand’s timeline to decide accordingly on when we should carry out the next big step.

  •  Brand Alignment and Positioning
    • Align Corporate Goals, Brand Vision, Mission and Position Statements
    • Craft Core Values and Brand Attributes in support of the newly defined ideal position
  • Brand Conceptualisation and Strategy
    • Build a Strategic Roadmap to elevate from current Brand State to the newly defined ideal Brand State
    • Create (Sub-brand) Naming Conventions and respective Brand Slogans
    • Generate Brand Implementation Roadmap to connect and amplify all Touch-points


A brand is never complete without the “bricks-and-mortar” in place. As the name of this methodology suggests, these are the concrete representation of your brand image through a palette of brand collaterals that includes your brand logo, corporate brochure, website, stationery set and so on.  The whole idea is to conceptualise a holistic brand image that is in sync with all your business related components. We will be talking a lot about aesthetics here, like the way you will steal a second glance at a well-dressed individual. Essentially, you would want to do more than just turning heads.

This is also the part where your brand’s ideals, philosophies and aspirations will be reflected while your brand identity will see strong enhancements. Studies have shown that a good brand image is often perceived as a successful trailblazer in the industry.

With Brand.VISUALISER in place, we have your brand recall in a well-positioned state.

Conceptualising, styling and visualising the following areas:

  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Localisation
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Corporate Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Retail Branding


So you have got your foundation set and your tools polished. What’s next? It will be to create effective market reach and target your desired audience. In the vast sea of competitors out there, a common challenge that many business owners face is this: how can my brand be noticed?

First of all, you need to ensure that all your brand communications are working in optimal functionality. All touch points from your physical to your digital elements should be synchronised to achieve a streamlined brand identity that can immediately invite brand recall. We do this by revisiting your brand’s beliefs, philosophies, vision and mission, among other core attributes like your corporate tagline.

In order for maximal amplification to take place, all components need to send a unified, overarching brand message across all platforms. With this, brand awareness and recall will ensue over a longer time period.

  • Brand Management
  • Brand Implementation
  • Brand Activation
  • Press and Magazine Advertising
  • Point-of-Sale Marketing
  • Marketing Campaigns Formulation
  • Media Channels Recommendation


A brand without a digital presence these days is akin to a “non-existent” brand. Truth is, consumers’ preferences have changed over time. They want more (quality) with less (time). As such, brands need to be aware of the ever-changing market landscape and adapt to it before losing out to stiff competition.

And if you can’t beat them? Join them. Studies have shown that companies with a website are perceived as being more credible and established in the market. The first key to attracting your potential consumers and clients would have to be showing them that you have got the chops of a great industry player. Of course, having just a website is not enough. You need to have one that exudes professional class.

This is where Adwright comes in play. We are not merely website designers that doll you up so you look pretty. We want to talk about a snazzy look that generates good business returns. Not only do we help brands in building their websites and microsites, we are adept at business algorithms involved in the digital world by implementing strong content strategies and ensuring seamless user experiences. Also, targeted likes on your social media platforms? Check.

  • Digital Branding and Web Strategy Consulting
  • Website Design, Layout and Implementation
  • Digital Advertising and Marketing


Talk to us today to see how we can help build your brand further and beyond.