Case Studies . Hup Huat Noodles


Hup Huat Noodles Pte Ltd is a noodles specialist with more than 60 years of rich history in Singapore, producing handmade noodles which are extremely wholesome, delicious and affordable. Hup Huat yearns to penetrate the organic market and also venture its business overseas.

BrandPact / CDG

Hup Huat’s rebranding process is made possible through IPOS and Spring Singapore under the BrandPact initiative, which aims to help companies build brands and increase their brand awareness.


Hup Huat’s logo was outdated and it did not have uniformed packaging for its line of products. Also, with decades of experience in the market, it had not managed to leverage on its rich heritage to penetrate the market as a leading noodle brand. It needs to revamp its entire corporate identity together with its packaging.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Logo
  • Corporate Website
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Corporate Calendar
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Dual Language Information
  • Revamped Packaging
  • Naming of Product Categories
  • Tradebooth Design


To be able to enter international markets, Hup Huat needed a brand image that looks more modernized and fresh. All packaging are given a new facelift and the new organic series are packaged differently as well. The idea is to emphasize on Hup Huat’s unique selling point and retain more customers.


Hup Huat has gone through a major overhaul to revamp its entire brand identity and image. The new corporate image looks a notch better than its previous outdated look. There is better alignment of products with improved packaging designs that look modern and new, while retaining the nostalgic factor of the business.