Building brands across borders

By Adwright, 29 June 2018

“It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity.”

Kofi Annan

Branding is no easy feat – not only is it a gruelling process of brainstorming ways to encapsulate the essence and value of a business, it is also (and sometimes more so) about cooperation and meeting expectations during stages of planning and execution.

Now add language, culture and geographical distance into the equation, that is about what you’d face in a cross-border branding project. However, it seems those who see the value in international collaborations will find ways to overcome these challenges.

In the age of global communication and partnerships, the Extraction Lab (EXL), a newly-opened Shanghai-based cafe opted to have its branding done by a Singaporean agency – Adwright.  Starting with nothing but a vague idea in December 2017, EXL decided to engage the expertise of an agency with integrated services to develop the brand essentials for their business

While the two parties were more than 2000 miles apart, it didn’t stop them from exchanging ideas and liaising with one another seamlessly to ensure the success of this project.

From the business name, concept, logo and packaging designs, Adwright worked with EXL to conceive a unique brand framework that would set the cafe apart from numerous competitors in Shanghai. After months of dedication and communication, the cafe finally came to life with a chic look and feel on 15 June 2018.

When potential meets an open mindset and hard work, it can expand boundlessly. Differences in locations no longer constrain capabilities – the joint project between EXL and Adwright is a perfect example of that.

To learn more about this project visit: Formulating The Extraction Lab’s Brand Concept

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