Acknowledging our graduate-hiring clients and friends

by Adwright, 29 May, 2020

In the last few weeks, Singapore has witnessed the impact of a homebound economy. Companies started to take dire measures in continuing their daily operations – furloughs, hiring stoppages and even putting a halt on certain business operations. Through these situations, Singapore continues to puts on a brave front for its citizens with various social and labour initiatives such as #SupportLocal and #SGUNITED. However, the impact of this pandemic is just getting started.

During this pandemic period, Singapore will see an estimate of 15,000 degree holders, 26,000 diploma and 6,500 ITE graduates trying to enter the workforce. This influx of graduates during this period has also prompted the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to announce their #SGUnitedTraineeship initiatives. In collaboration with Workforce Singapore and Skills Future, Ministry of Manpower has encouraged both government-related and private corporations to register their intention to create vacancies for these fresh graduates. This new Ministry of Manpower #SGUnitedTraineeship initiative aims to help companies by subsidising 80% of their cost with fresh grad hires in a 12-month duration. As the Ministry of Manpower stimulates the employment rates in Singapore, we, Adwright would also like to acknowledge the companies that are taking a stand and making an effort to hire graduates during this period.

As a branding agency, Adwright has experienced how important brands are to both societal and economic scales. We have collaborated with various brands from industries such as construction to finance, and have watched them play important roles in Singapore. With this pandemic, brands and society have come closer to help one another. Some of these brands are also putting their feet forward in hiring graduates for full-time positions. Adwright would like to stand alongside these brands and feature these hiring heroes for pushing Singapore forward amidst this period.

In the following months, we aim to showcase brands that are continuously hiring new graduate positions on our platforms and reach. This campaign was conceptualised to bring awareness to the brands that are currently aiding Singapore’s labour force. Whether you are a brand owner or a fresh graduate, follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin to be updated with the latest brand perspectives and hiring positions. If you play a management role in a company, feel free to email us at for a brand analysis and hiring position feature. Let’s tide through this pandemic together!



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