Always Remember YiKoWei


Established in 1983, YiKoWei makes traditional kueh and pastries familiar to local Singaporeans. Products include Yam Kueh, Pumpkin Kueh, Muah Chee, Organic Glutinous Rice, Teochew Popiah, Nonya Pineapple Tarts, Cheese Pineapple Tarts and many more. Traditional Singaporean snacks are thus, kept alive and passed on to the next generation.


Although YiKoWei presents traditional snacks, their branding identity need not appear outdated and backwards. YiKoWei’s previous branding identity held onto dated elements that lacked vibrancy and modern motifs. By appearing too traditional, YiKoWei lost its appeal among consumers, who simply glanced over the brand without paying attention.


Adwright was engaged in updating and modernising YiKoWei’s brand while retaining the essence of their legacy. Adwright conducted a brand audit with the founder and the second-generation successor to fully understand YiKoWei’s vision and ambition. After which, the agency created a suite of key elements essential to YiKoWei’s legacy with a modern, uplifting brand identity, transporting YiKoWei into a bright future.

Brand Identity

YiKoWei’s mission is important and noble. As a preserver of Singapore’s history, YiKoWei brings delicious traditional snacks to modern generations. As proud Singaporeans, we wanted to share YiKoWei’s cultural contributions with fellow Singaporeans.

We wrote a brand story that captured just that. Sharing YiKoWei’s passion for preserving traditional Singaporean tastes while infusing detailed descriptions of delicious food, we created an alluring, appetising brand identity for YiKoWei.

Following our brand story, we created a tagline that captured the essence of a long-lasting legacy while highlighting the deliciousness of YiKoWei’s popular snacks.

To solidify YiKoWei’s new branding identity, we created YiKoWei’s functional values, emotional values and overall brand persona. Functionally, YiKoWei provides a feast to consumers that are timeless, familiar and accessible. Emotionally, YiKoWei touches the hearts of consumers by being authentic, earnest and tenacious. As an overall brand persona, YiKoWei is continuously active and adapts to consumers’ tastes. Collectively, these concepts act as a spotlight guiding YiKoWei into the future.

Brand Imagery

While words form YiKoWei’s new branding identity concept, images bring a new dimension to understand the concept. Creating a montage of images capturing YiKoWei’s unique identity, it became clear that YiKoWei will be vibrant, youthful, and delicious. When the name “YiKoWei” is mentioned, visions of delectable moments, sumptuous goodies and satisfied people will be brought up.


Motifs were created to fortify the visual language for YiKoWei’s brand imagery. Each shape represents a different range of YiKoWei’s confectionaries. The shapes were designed using minimalist line illustration. This style symbolises the fuss-free and simple bite-sized joy that each snack brings. The sleek minimalist design also resonates with modern consumers, who enjoy clean, striking looks.

Store Visualisation

We brought all of our concepts and visual imagery into a physical mock-up of YiKoWei’s store. Motifs adorn the sides of the counter, creating an instantly recognisable visual identity for YiKoWei. Vibrant colours and fun images capture the allure of YiKoWei, while the tagline exudes the essence of YiKoWei.


Moving into the future, it has become clear who YiKoWei is. A preserver of delicious traditional snacks, a modern provider of delectable moments, YiKoWei is a vibrant delightful business within our local food industry.



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