Gain Some Elucidation Into Education


Elucidation Learning is a tuition centre that provides affordable and quality group tuition. With a strong passion for bringing out every student’s potential, Elucidation focuses on nurturing self-esteem so that students will enjoy learning and, in turn, work hard to produce their best results.


Elucidation aims to transit to the online space, to reach students located farther away from their physical spot. Another reason for going virtual is the implementation of online classes for overseas students who are preparing to move to Singapore.


Adwright helped Elucidation to identify its communication gaps and to bring out the owners’ philosophy on education. The agency also helps shape the culture and to frame its purpose relevant to all its stakeholders.

A brand audit was also conducted to identify communication gaps and to create a clear brand identity.

The logo has already garnered good brand equity. Only a minimal touch-up and refinement is needed to refresh the logo.

A brand story is created to frame the business purpose and convey their nurturing teaching style and values of being open, sincere and genuine.

A set of brand imagery is also curated to ensure the brand keeps to its brand communication discipline and help the communication team explain how their brand will convey visually.

The alignment of visuals throughout its stationery is essential to ensure brand consistency.

Website Development

Our agency curated and aligned the website content to ensure a good user experience by regrouping the content category and revising the content to reflect the new Elucidation’s value.

The layout is pleasing to the eye, and the navigation around the website is easy too.

Social Media Content Pillars

Our team also developed social media content pillars and templates for the tuition franchise to engage online.


It is vital to cultivate a love for learning and to continue doing so for life. We are glad that we have helped Elucidation to convey its belief in nurturing and supporting this spirit. We see the satisfaction in assisting Elucidation in making education an enjoyable part of fleeting youth times for students and their parents.



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