Charging Towards Sustainability with KED Energy Solutions


Started in 2019, KED Energy Solutions is an electric vehicle (EV) charging solution provider with a founding mission to support global decarbonisation efforts and increase EV adoption in Singapore. It is the EV charging arm of parent company Kyo Ei Denko Pte Ltd — an electrical engineering company with 20 years of history in the Building Construction industry. KED Energy Solutions offers a one-stop solution for all EV-charging related matters, from documentation and site surveys to supply, installation and post-installation services.


The company found it difficult to find business opportunities and potential clients given that it was relatively new compared to the more established players in the EV charging industry. Moreover, the existence of the company was arguably unannounced and only a small group of people knew about KED Energy Solutions. Thus, the founder wanted to increase the brand awareness of the company so that more people would know about them. There was also no clear corporate identity nor brand narrative set for the company.


To help align the company’s aspirations and achieve better clarity of their purpose, Adwright conducted a brand audit with the key management team to uncover the company’s business values and beliefs, as well as sieve out branding misalignments within the team. Using our proprietary methodology, the brand positioning of KED Energy Solutions was then devised.

Brand Story and Tagline

As a quintessential tool of branding to build resonance and emotional connection between KED Energy Solutions and their target audience, a brand story was crafted by Adwright to articulate the driving purpose behind the company and the instrumental role it plays in the lives of EV owners and the global sustainability movement. It shows, truthfully and authentically, how the brand exists to serve the needs of the community and that its business is rooted on improving connectivity using energy and electrical solutions.

The tagline “Energising Our World” which represents the company’s mission to create positive social and environmental impact globally through energy was conceived. It also concisely captures their bigger aspirations to venture into other forms of clean energy in the future.


Brand Imagery

A set of brand imagery was also devised to serve as a visual guide to a brand’s identity and a manual of visual inspiration for graphic and design implementation throughout various brand touch points.

Logo Redesign

A logo redesign was also done up to refresh the look and feel of the previous logo. Originally inspired by the electrical wires which connect the charging gun to the charging machine, the sleek and futuristic design pays homage to KED Energy Solution’s business model as a one-stop energy solution provider. This is alluded in the innovative and unique logo which is connected from start to finish.

Communication Touchpoints

For the BuildTech Asia 2022 exhibition where KED Energy Solutions would be formally introduced to the public, we specially prepared a set of communication materials to aid in the storytelling of the brand to visitors and potential clients and investors. This included a set of brand posters, a corporate brochure and a press release. A car decal was also designed for the EV on display.


Apart from the physical exhibition itself, we also designed and developed a website to launch KED Energy Solutions into the digital space. With the website, the company now has a stronger digital presence which will help to improve its brand awareness and outreach.


Despite the relatively short turnaround time of around two months from the project start date to the BuildTech exhibition, Adwright managed to build the brand up and develop a cohesive brand image for the company. With the company website up and running and the added exposure from the exhibition, we are certain that the company would be able to reach out to a wider audience and build its presence in the industry. We are heartened to have guided the team along in its brand building journey and have high hopes for the future of KED Energy Solutions.



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