JUMBO Group's Love, Afare Wins the Consumer Products Space


With humble beginnings as a local (Singaporean) seafood restaurant, JUMBO Seafood is well-known for its chilli and black pepper crabs. Today, JUMBO Seafood Restaurant is an international brand with outlets across China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea. The JUMBO Group of Restaurants also diverse into a variety of restaurant brands to serve up multiple cuisines and local favourites, delighting consumers with their authenticity.


The COVID-19 pandemic, which loomed over 2020 impacted JUMBO Group of Restaurants, particularly in Singapore. Circuit breakers, lockdowns, travel bans, and social distancing measures have made dining out a highly restricted luxury. The result was a significant decline in revenue, due to the double whammy of reduced footfall in outlets and reduced capacity.

Inevitably, the pandemic changed consumer consumption patterns and JUMBO Group had to relook its business model, new target audience, product and service offerings, to sustain revenue levels.

JUMBO Group of Restaurants JUMBO was part of the Enterprise Singapore’s two and a half year Scale-up SG programme in 2019. They are keen to venture into a new line of products, to increase and diversify revenue streams is one of the key objectives of the Scale-Up programme, so is increasing its overseas presence. This can be fulfilled by the relaunching of its current retail brand and also the expansion of the FMCG product range.

JUMBO Seafood, Ng Ah Sio and Zui Teochew Cuisine are well-known brands in Singapore, which its consumers have come to love.  The JUMBO Seafood and Ng Ah Sio have a range of retail sauces and soup pouches respectively with low traction. However, there is a potential to launch these products into the FMCG space, especially now. As more people are staying home to cook and dining in, these retail sauces will be a new revenue stream.

Hence, to launch these retail products into the FMCG space, it needs to have a cohesive and synergised brand to unify the various products.


Adwright understood JUMBO’s spirit of spreading its passion of local cuisine. Hence, we endeavour into creating a brand that encapsulates the experience of sharing all things delicious.

Before the creativity started, we first embarked on the consumers’ journey to evaluate what would truly resonate with them so that we could present the best experience they could find from these FMCG products. After which, we then proceed into the creative process of naming the brand and building its brand story, logo and packaging design creation and all the other communication materials for launch.

We developed the concept of 爱 (Loving)。食 (Savouring)。录(Sharing) which fans can easily understand. This also lay the foundation of the brand.

Brand Naming

The play on the word “affair.” Love, Afare literally means “passionate about a spread of food” and we want consumers to see the brand as a way to indulge in their love affair with local food. It is also a transcreation of the concept of 爱 (Loving)。食 (Savouring)。录(Sharing).

Aptly, Love, Afare will also work well with the ‘Made with Passion’ initiative that is in close collaboration with Singapore Tourism Board and ESG for its passion turned business model.

Brand Icon Element

In order to unify all the various brands operating under JUMBO Group of restaurants, key brands such as JUMBO Seafood, Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh and Zui Teochew Cuisine, stylised logo elements are created. These icon elements are based from the original logos and they act as a seal of assurance and authenticity to support the curation of Love, Afare.

Brand Design and Deliverables

Love, Afare retail sauces packaging and lifestyle merchandise are created in time for the launch. The design made use of the logo to create a bold and colourful impression that resonates with the new generation of home cooks and cooking enthusiasts. A plethora of packaging and designs are developed to suit the various product category.

Digital Launch Campaign

Love, Afare is meant to tease and to tantalise. We want to pique the interest of consumers, for who doesn’t want to have a peek into an affair? We created mystery in the great reveal. Through social media teasers on JUMBO Seafood, Ng Ah Sio and Zui Teochew Cuisine pages and eDMs to all members, consumers were led to the webpage to participate in unveiling the new website of Love, Afare pixel by pixel for 50 hours. Consumers received special promo codes and discounts when they keyed in their email addresses to unveil the pixels. These incentives and promotions appealed to consumers’ interest in the products and allow them to directly engage with the brand.

Within the 50 hours, more than 1200 consumers interacted with the brand and more than 800 consumers used their rewards to make purchase on the site. Indeed, the expose of the Love, Afare had generated great interest that caught the attention of Marketing Interactive Group.

Furthermore, our designed materials became a token of love for KOLs and influencers to further heighten the exposure of Love, Afare.

Indeed, Love, Afare is starting to reach out to the Singapore’s community and soon to China and the rest of the region.

We are heartened that this project has won a silver award for Excellence in Response to COVID-19 at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2021, as well as a gold award at the APPIES Asia-Pacific Awards 2022.



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