Redefining the Digital Financial Landscape with RF


RF International Holdings is a technologically driven global financial group. The firm led by a team of experienced finance executives aims to build a digital financial ecosystem to generate wealth through investments for its investors.


To differentiate RF from its competitors and amplify its service offering in a succinct manner, it has to convey technical jargons in a consumer-friendly language so that investors can easily understand.


Adwright formulated a brand imagery deck to shape RF’s brand identity. A brand story was crafted to emphasise on the team’s experience and general service offering. The story also set the tone for RF’s vision and what it aims to accomplish for the community. A set of brand values were conceptualised and created to represent the RF’s experience and beliefs. It was crafted with words such as ‘Wisdom’, ‘Leadership’, and ‘Honour’ which aimed to describe RF’s overall brand experience to its target audience.

The brand imagery expanded on the RF’s Brand Sight, Touch, and Tonality. Each of these categories was described with strong adjective words that crafted the overarching brand persona which consumers will then resonate with.

Brand Tagline

With the distinctive and well-shaped brand identity formed, Adwright created a tagline that was in-tune with RF – “Redefining the Future”. The tagline was also partly inspired by the brand’s initials, “R” and “F”. The tagline, “Redefining the Future” represents forward-thinking and the vision of cultivating the future of investment in the digital economy.

Brand Logo

RF’s logo symbolises the modernisation of wealth attainment and progression whilst incorporating characters from its Chinese name, ‘丰’ and‘R’.

“丰” is the Chinese character of “Feng”, it is also a symbolism of abundance. It was positioned to signify RF’s respect and personification of its Chinese values —the valuing of relationships. “丰” also closely resembles “$” the international symbol of the dollar. The character is styled in gold presenting the brand’s relevance and experience in the finance industry. The character ‘R’ is styled in royal blue representing the supportive, purposeful and engageable nature of the brand.

With both elements placed together, the logo shows the brand’s synergy of experience, respect, relationship and relevance in the finance industry.

“In 2015, I started my branding journey with  Adwright Communications. The work delivered has been on point, and it remains relevant to our company till today. I am so impressed with the work produced by the team. Hence, when I started a new financial digital platform RF International Holdings in 2019, I invited Adwright to work on the branding strategy for my new business endeavour. They did not disappoint.”


Mr Alan Chang,
Co-Founder, Director



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