Helping The Connoisseur Concerto (ttc) to Communicate


Throughout 2019, Adwright partnered with The Connoisseur Concerto (tcc) to conceptualise and bring to life the Yours Artfully branding campaign. The Yours Artfully campaign strengthened tcc’s positioning as an artisanal cuisine restaurant chain. Apart from tcc’s branding campaign, Adwright also helped tcc with various tactical marketing and communication projects specific to their tcc members.

Double Up Package 

With post-circuit breaker phase 2 announcement in hindsight, tcc began to prepare for their comeback via a promotion campaign. The campaign aimed to offer double rebates for tcc members, and also promote membership tier upgrades. Together with tcc, Adwright managed to communicate the technical promotion mechanics through stylistic and appealing design.


Bubble tea shops were made to close as tighter circuit breaker measures were enforced. To adapt to the situation, Adwright worked together with tcc to announce their new bubble tea drinks. With various F&B businesses leveraging the situation and releasing their bubble tea, tcc had to differentiate their communicative angle while maintaining its signature brand identity.

Adwright incorporated a blend of light-hearted imagery and youthful copy which resulted in a whimsical and artsy visual. Through Adwright’s art and copy direction, tcc was able to effectively announce their unique and tantalising bubble tea products.


A brand’s membership benefits can often be quite complex to communicate due to the various mechanics and tiers. This was also an issue for tcc as their membership framework features multiple tiers and benefits. As such, for tcc’s membership reward+ visual, Adwright had to visually communicate each benefit in palatable and concise information, matched with pleasing design. The finalised poster presented tcc’s membership rewards in an interesting manner with coloured plates and different font sizes to emphasise the attractiveness of each benefit.



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