The Furniture Mall is the one-stop destination to offer the widest array of quality furniture, furnishing items, branded mattress and interior design services to satisfy different furnishing needs and preferences.


The Furniture Mall had been advertising but it was still facing declined footfall, resulted in lower revenues. The tenents saw fewer customers and the age group of the customers were also from the matured crowd. The Furniture Mall realised that it needed to rejuvenate and position its brand to the younger homeowners to ensure brand longevity. 


To get consumers to pay more attention to The Furniture Mall, Adwright first evaluated the series of past advertisements to understand how it had been communicating with its audiences. After the audit, Adwright planned future advertisements to be launched with relevant themes that will entice consumers’ attention. The first set of communications was launched during the Christmas period and the visuals were festive themed that cajole consumers to usher in the festivities with relevant furniture.

Secondly, to convince consumers that The Furniture Mall was the brand to turn to when selecting furniture, Adwright focused on reminding consumers of the wide range of styles and the assurance of its quality products. To further illustrate the relevance of The Furniture Mall to new homeowners, Adwright and the team from The Furniture Mall created Feng Shui workshops to support it. The events helped to draw the consumers closer to the brand and also brought traffic to the mall resulted in increased footfall.

  • Brand Communications
  • Press and Magazine Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Campaigns Formulation
  • Media Channels Recommendation

The Furniture Mall had been successful in its efforts thus far with the various media platforms that were recommended. It provided the brand with optimum exposure, as the advertisements brought about a higher brand recall and eventually increased footfall to the mall. 



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