Easy Plate is a sub-brand of Seaco that offers marinated frozen seafood that is in the ready-to-cook format within the packaged food category. This innovative range of seafood can be cooked within minutes.


Easy Plate is created to enter the overseas market where discerning modern consumers can whip up a delicious seafood dish within minutes. There are similar products that hail from Europe. Therefore, for consumers to resonate with it, Easy Plate needs a brand identity that communicates its premium and positions itself as an international brand. It is also imperative to highlight the ease of cooking the Easy Plate.


In order to ensure that Easy Plate’s identity as premium seafood that could be cooked within minutes, Adwright created the tagline “Freshness within Minutes”. This provided the key message that consumers could easily understand and resonate with.

To further communicate Easy Plate’s unique value, Adwright created a microsite ( to illustrate the ease of cooking and provided ideas and tips of assembling Easy Plate for different occasions.

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Easy Plate’s brand identity was built with an international flair but it also came with a Chinese name attached to it. The holding company – ¬†TheSeafoodcompany – wanted to enter the Chinese market with this innovative product. With this aspiration in mind on the onset, the brand identity explained the key message and enhance the brand storytelling process.

During the Food Hotel Asia (FHA) held in Singapore, this brand and its packaging caught the eye of many overseas supermarkets and food retailers. The results had been heartening. Recently, Singapore had just launched in most supermarkets during the lunar new year period and the take up rate of this new product had been phenomenal.



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