UnionPay Premium-Reimagined


UnionPay International (UPI) is an electronic payment platform that provides secure card transaction services. UPI aims to raise awareness for its premium product range—the Diamond and Platinum cards. These cards feature a variety of benefits for the affluent; offering golfing, travelling and shopping privileges.


UnionPay International (UPI) had difficulties reaching its target audiences. Most of its target audiences used other well-established payment platform brands instead of UnionPay. This group of target audience did not understand or know of UPI’s brand. UPI had to differentiate its premium product positioning while keeping its relevance to attract its target customers.

Campaign Concept

The campaign was conceptualised to associate the UPI product to the various luxurious lifestyle aspects that resonated to the audiences. The concept merged various elements of well-heeled lifestyles to symbolise the breadth of privileges the product offered. The designs crafted on an elegantly dark background that exuded mystery and sophistication. A gold-coloured typeface was chosen to present the apt headline that read “Premium-Reimagined”, alongside a body copy that illustrated the kind of privileges and experiences a premium cardholder could indulge.

The concept resulted in three visuals that displayed the various aspects of the UPI experience from teeing off to chilling at the golf course, lounging while jet-setting, and the immense joy of shopping.


Adwright planned and created a highly-targeted product awareness campaign in mediums tailored for the affluent audiences.

First, research was conducted to identify the communication methods that would attract the intended audience. A plethora of high-end lifestyle magazines and websites were analysed thoroughly to understand the mindset of the consumers. The research led to the understanding of different aspects of a luxurious lifestyle and the ways to communicate them.

  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Education
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Media Channels Recommendation
  • Press and Magazine Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Poster Design
Concept adaptations on Print and Digital Platforms 

Adwright curated platforms that were optimal for introducing the UnionPay’s premium card messages. High-end lifestyle magazines such as Prestige, The Peak, and Golf Vacations were selected as they served as platforms that resonated to the target audience.

Online and print advertorials were also created for consumer’s to gain knowledge about the Premium card’s features and benefits through product content information.

The concept then adapted on digital platforms such as Google Display Network and Facebook. It was also converted into web banners and positioned in luxury lifestyle websites and business-related sites like Business Times.



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