In view of the ongoing pollution and airborne biological issues, Pasture Group was requested by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) to direct efforts in developing a mask to protect the most precious but vulnerable group of our community — our children.

Capability Development Grant (CDG)

The Pasture Group’s re-branding project is made possible through Spring Singapore under the CDG initiative, which aims to help companies build brands and elevate their brand equity.


Brand is almost unheard of since no marketing was done. Which resulted in a situation whereby consumers may have used Pasture’s product (or not) without knowing what the brand was. There is serious lack of information and consumers have little or no knowledge to which face mask has the right fit.

They need to clearly understand that there is more than going blindly to an established brand out there. There is a local hero who has invested years of effort in protecting their well-being.


Refreshed packagings and attractive posters were done up to garner attention first. Bridge the conversation first and conversion will happen later. Provide accessible information with visual-led infographical microsites to first educate the consumers. Arouse interest, then convince with the Brand’s reputable background and credibility. Pasture masks are approved by respective authorities (FDA and NIOSH). This provides conviction and motivation to purchase.

Having a cute superhero mascot encourages the children to pursue the masks in hope that they would have the same “powers” to combat haze and viruses.

Sub-brands (Pasture Mask, Pasture Pharma) were also created to better clarify Pasture’s existing business segments.

  • Brand Consultancy
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Brand Education / Training
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Branding and Web Strategy Consulting

Efforts were done to provide product education. The emphasis was to convey the idea and the belief by sharing with the public on the importance of clean and viral-free air; the right mask and the need to stay well protected at all times.

Backed up by facts and knowledge, Pasture aims to educate on how harmful PM2.5 exactly is.

Highlight that the brand genuinely cares and connect with the users. Explain why the products will only benefit and create an aspiration for them. Tug at the heartstrings of the parents — while they may not think they need the masks, they will want their children to be well taken care of.

Very often parents will put their children ahead of their own priorities. In order for themselves to set good examples, they may, afterall make an attempt to put on the right mask.

Results and On-going Efforts

While Pasture is relatively known in the States, the brand aims to be the industrial leader in Asia. Pasture hopes to reintroduce itself as a brand that cares about the overall well-being of the people. The brand has in fact assisted the local authorities during the SARS epidemic but the effort went unnoticed due to the lack of brand awareness.

Since re-branding, Pasture has currently penetrated the South-east Asia Region and will soon be available in both Japan and China.

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