Rebranding Divine Gems


Divine Gems is a jewellery brand specialising in Spinel gems. For over 25 years, the Divine gems team have been operating gemstone and jade exploration at Myanmar’s region of Mogok. Their expertise lies in crafting exquisite jewellery with real gold and diamond setting, however, the reach of Divine Gems is limited due to the brand’s low awareness.


Divine Gems lacks a recognisable brand identity that consumers can relate to. The brand architecture was also unstructured, resulting in a brand presence that appears dated. These issues caused Divine Gems to be perceived as an amateur jeweller. As a result, limiting the brand’s exposure to its target audiences.


Adwright started a brand analysis of Divine Gems and knew a brand story is needed to revitalise Divine Gems. Understanding the importance of having a story that relates to the target audiences, Adwright introduced Divine Gems with a reinvigorating brand story – a jeweller that creates jewellery for the modern women, celebrating individuality and authenticity in natural beauty.

The brand storytelling was integrated into Divine Gems’s new logo, taking on a sophisticated design. For Divine Gems to stand out and appeal to the modern sophisticated women, a product naming convention was also proposed. With various jewellery categorised according to their appeal – Pure, Sensual, Romance. The jewellery was further personalised with names inspired by Greek goddesses. The naming convention Adwright proposed adds personality and fervour compared to conventional jewellery names that are based on their inventory code numbers.

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  • Brand Consultancy
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Branding

With a new brand identity, brand communication was improved for Divine Gems. The brand’s dated image was refreshed with a modern look and tone. The introduction of storytelling on Divine Gems and their product has increased overall brand recall. Divine Gems is now well-positioned to appeal to its audiences with this new and relevant brand persona.

Pure Category

The Pure Category was created to house the brand’s minimalist jewellery. The category took on a soft pastel colour tone which befitted the style of the product designs.

Sensual Category

The Sensual Category is made to categorise the brand’s elegant and bold jewellery designs. The category was designed with dark colours which exuded a sense of sophistication and refinement.

Romance Category

The Romance Category is crafted to group the brand’s bridal-influenced jewellery designs. The category used wedding-associated colour tones to form a consistent theme.



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