Concocting the Rice & Punch brand


Teck Huat & Company owns rice plantations in Myanmar. One of their business lies in the fermentation of rice into wine for the domestic market. The executives planned to introduce this alcoholic beverage to the rest of Asia.


Teck Huat & Company is well-versed in the traditional rice winery but the flavour was too strong for the uninitiated. Together with Adwright, the company and agency went through the product development phase while tweaking on the brand’s positioning for the product. Adwright was appointed to create an entirely new brand identity and positioning for the new alcoholic beverage.


To start, Adwright conducted a variety of research on similar alcohol beverage brands. The results revealed that brands could influence consumers easily if its identity was personified with characteristics that the consumers could identify with. Thus, Adwright began to identify and shape the rice wine’s brand positioning.

Due to the alcohol’s fruity taste – a youthful demographic was pictured as its target audience, as they were likely to get attracted by its sweeter taste. With an understanding and experience of the intended audience, Adwright created a comprehensive brand identity and positioning to differentiate the fruity rice wine from other similar products in the market.

Brand Identity

A set of brand characteristics was identified – chic, adventurous, relaxed, and bright. This set of characteristic-defining words derived from the analysis of the youthful audience demographic. These words were then used to form the overall brand image, values, and benefits.

The product’s functional benefits were its refreshing taste, unique blend, spunkiness, and differentiated taste appeal. Emotionally, the product was perceived to evoke the sense of celebration, adventure, empowerment, and solidarity. Together, the functional and emotional benefits embodied the essence of youthfulness.

The brand characteristics and benefits formed a personality that became apparent. The brand personality was then represented by four key terms – chic, sensual, creative, and experiential. With the entire brand creation process done, Adwright proceeded with product naming.

Brand Name

This is where the name ‘Rice & Punch’ was crafted. ‘Rice & Punch’ conveyed the rice wine and fruity elements of the drink and also the energy that led to its concoction. The name exuded the go-getter attitude which urged people to “Rise and punch through all odds”, empowering drinkers with positivity.

Brand Message

The brand message was created from the angle of a young consumer getting ready to take on the world with her first drink. The message was presented in an uplifting celebratory tone – emphasising on the drinker’s first moments. Their first date, kiss, sale, cheque, marriage – all are moments where Rice & Punch can be a part of. This messaging also symbolised that Rice & Punch should be the first drink that new entrants of alcoholic products should try. The punchline, ‘The best moments come in a split-second’ also alludes to the kick from the alcohol.

Brand Label Design

Adwright started on the label design for Rice & Punch after the brand identity and message were formed. The label design took on an understated and refreshing pastel-coloured look. Each flavour inspired their pastel-coloured label design – mango with light yellow, peach with baby pink, and plum with pale purple. The label designs each carried the Rice & Punch brand message, sparking warmth and relevance for the brand’s intended audiences.

Brand POSM Materials

A set of POSM print material was created to aid with the launch of Rice & Punch. The printed materials were designed based on the different flavours available. The background design of the POSMs featured several hands reaching out in solidarity to salute and give cheers to the drinker, who was holding a Rice & Punch bottle. The POSM materials were designed to portray Rice & Punch as a drink for every celebration.


Adwright had successfully built the Rice & Punch brand asset and differentiated it among its competitors. Rice & Punch’s tone of communication was integrated through all of its assets which made it a relevant alcohol brand that resonated well with its target audiences.



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