Case Studies

What better way to exercise our expertise than to craft meaningful collaterals meant for a bigger purpose?

This is one of Adwright’s several accounts dealing with societal issues, and we are proud to be part of a good cause!

Category: Social Cause

As an expat, living in Singapore can be quite an ordeal when you don’t know what to do. Expat Living sets out to guide our expats on how to live life – the Singapore way.

We built a digital portal to complement the magazine itself. Content that meets the best of both worlds? You got it.

Category: Digital

Desserts need to be eye-pleasing before they tempt your tastebuds, right? SMOOZE knows that well enough to start an interactive site catering to the coconut lovers out there.

Adwright gives this a new twist by designing a Flash website that is easy to use. Here’s a feast for both the mouth and the eyes!

Category: Digital

Everyone’s favourite fast food chain needs to have a website that is not just user-friendly, but interactive enough to appeal to the young crowd. A neat and structured layout is essential to make users’ browsing experience a breeze.


Category: Digital